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AIF Extracurriculars Essay - additional information

georgiaberg 1 / 2  
Jan 20, 2020   #1

describing my extracurricular activities

Wondering if I could get some feedback on this section of my AIF. It's asking for additional information on extracurriculars. I'm not quite sure if they're looking for something like this or if I should focus more deeply on CS (I'm applying to CS and math). All criticism is welcome!! Thanks :D

In my school community, I've devoted myself to volunteering, participation in clubs and teams, and a variety of leadership roles. Volunteering within Massey allowed me opportunities in a variety of capacities such as art, security for ANS, organizing cookie decorating and hosting for CCP. I've had the privilege of being in clubs such as Debate, Science Olympiad, Model UN, codeReach, and the Stang. These roles taught me valuable lessons about character and commitment. I've also had the opportunity to thrive in a variety of leadership roles; three terms as a debate executive (including president and an advisory role); an executive and MC for multicultural dinner and show; as a senior member for my school's announcement crew.

I am a leader within my school as Deputy Prime Minister of student council. I had never been on student council before my senior year, so people questioned my ideas, which I developed from other leadership positions around the school. I pushed to make committees within student council, created a central file system, and developed opportunities for people outside council to volunteer. I convinced the student council to try my ideas for our Halloween Night event, and it was the first sold-out event council had in years; a success that strengthened my dedication to my ideas. Through my leadership, a new norm of collaboration and outreach has been established within student council.

Outside of school, I've continued my involvement through activism and volunteerism. As a provincial organizer for the #StudentsSayNo walkout, I worked with others across Ontario to begin the walkouts that began April 4th, 2019. More than walkouts, our group also attended and spoke at the Queen's Park rally for education in support of student voice. To bring the message I was a part of back home, two other Student's Say No organizers and I ran a Windsor Says No rally attended by students, local politicians, teachers, and union leaders. This activism and community involvement gave me a greater passion to continue to advocate within my community with Earth Action Now Windsor through ongoing climate emergency protests.

I am deeply motivated to protect education, which led me to take the initiative to protect it within my own school of 2100. When students' option to take full year courses - which allow for enriched classes, year-long learning, and shorter classes - was threatened, I took action. I created a social media campaign, spoke to local TV, radio, and print news, to bring the local community's attention to the issue. I attended all stakeholder meetings; where I was instrumental in campaigning to ensure the process was transparent; lobbying both school and board administration to include student voices. My continued efforts were successful, and the option to take full year courses remains so that students are to reap the benefits from having both full year and semestered courses. My efforts encouraged other advocates within my school, as this issue led me and others to realize the power of our actions.

My love for math and computer science began within school, where I had the privilege of taking enriched math and science courses. These experiences allowed me to compete in contests, attend hackathons, and spark a passion for computer science. I've made projects in Java and Python at various hackathons including Hack the North and MasseyHacks. I volunteered for codeReach, an after-school program where I helped instruct grade school children in python. All of my extracurriculars have shaped me into someone who can give back as a Waterloo Warrior in both academic and community spaces.

theone2020 2 / 3  
Jan 20, 2020   #2
The extracurricular section on the AIF only allows 600 characters with spaces. You should pick your most important one and explain how you made a difference. I am also applying so hope to see you there!
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,147 3277  
Jan 20, 2020   #3
This is meant to be only a response statement as it offers only a 600 character allotment. So you definitely need to delete this essay from your files and write a new one. The AIF forms require you to keep your responses targeted and within the character allotment. Go over and the system will reject your application. Pick only one extra curricular activity, the one you enjoy the most, to discuss in the essay. That way you will allow the reviewer to get to know something about your out of school activities based on something you enjoy doing the most. Be short, quick, but informative. Then the essay will go through the online portal without a problem.

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