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I was amazed by what I saw on the train K26; A common app/chinese student

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Oct 18, 2013   #1
please give me some advice on this paper...this is for the first prompt:Some students have a background or story that is so central to their identity that they believe their application will be incomplete without it. If this sounds like you, then please share your story.

Directly in front of me were vast golden rape flower fields, darting backwards like unbridled horses. Afar, smokes had risen from the chimneys of little huts, and lofty mountains had fused into a haze, above which the sun was gradually dropping down, casting its last flamboyant radiance on the ground. It was so tranquil, except the regular beats of impacts between the wheels and the rail tracks.

I was amazed by what I saw on the train K26. Since then, train-traveling has become an indelible part of my life. From Shenzhen to Chengdu, from Guangzhou to Urumqi...every time I get the little, red train ticket, the distinctive journey ahead is waving its hand, urging me to pack up my baggage. Because of the people and events I encountered, my experience of train-traveling is my treasure.

When Huang first pulled open the door of my compartment on the train to Sichuan, I felt a sense of reluctance. A swarthy young man wearing a worn-out coat, with a large woven bag in his hand, he was speaking loudly on his phone with strong accent. "A typical rural migrant worker." I thought. He was the guy whom I should share a compartment with for the following two days, but the news I had heard about the misbehaviors of these new urban migrants did not make me feel happy about his companionship. But I was surprised when he took out a magazine from the ash-covered woven bag, unfolded it and started to read. It was a popular literature magazine called Youth Literary Digest. I haven't seen a rural migrant worker who likes reading. I thought. After I started our chat, he told me his name Huang Zexin, his youth in the small village in western Hunan and his sisters and brothers, one of whom was a security guard in the Bank of China, a job envied by all young people in the village. I even learned about his former dream to become a pilot and story writer. Through his words, the image of a rural migrant worker became far clearer and more real.

Before I went on this train, I hold a stereotyped view towards these workers like most others: they are poor, impolite and epitomize the dilemma China is facing---the huge gap between the urban and the rural areas. However, they are just like you and me in reality: they have dreams, aspirations and personal hobbies as we do. I felt ashamed for my curiosity about his interest in reading. If now I have become more respectful and more considerate, I should appreciate the experience of train-traveling. From it, I met people with different backgrounds, and their stories have enriched my insight and personalities.

Apart from the people who influenced me during train-traveling, I remembered for numerous times I listened to the introduction of different places by the train broadcast. I looked at maps to see how I reached my destination. I researched the history, culture and weather of the unknown places I passed by. When the Changjiang Bridge was built? Why was the view of Hunan so different from that of Hebei? I was spellbound by these problems and managed to answer them. Each time I went aboard, the experience became an adventurous exploration of places unveiled to me. Years later, I can use the knowledge gained on board to introduce the history of Luohu railway station to foreign visitors, or to represent my house and win the school knowledge contest. I should appreciate train-traveling, with the help of which I have enriched my experience and knowledge.

Now, a new train is running towards me, and I will probably stay on it for four years: to me, the life in a university is akin to the experience on a train. The sense of expanding knowledge, encountering unfamiliar things and people are the same, and I will be glad to be on board.
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Oct 20, 2013   #2
It's a very good story~!

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