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The American University in Cairo - Admission Essay - benefits from the education at AUC

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Jan 27, 2013   #1
Please tell me if this is at a good level and whether parts need changing.
*An essay on the following topic: How can you benefit from the education at AUC? The essay should be legibly handwritten in English or Arabic and should be 300-500 words in length. The intent of the essay is to provide the applicant the opportunity to express his or her character in a way not possible through the application form alone.*

The American University in Cairo is known for its quality education in the Middle East, for the past 94 years AUC has provided a service that is essential for a successful life in the Arab World. Family and friends have graduated and applied in this great university, and are now close to begin their career.

My name is Mohamed Refaei, I was born in Egypt and was highly effected by the business industry that we have been experiencing over the past few decades. Business studies has had a great impact on my thoughts and actions, not only have I studied this course at school, But I took part in all Business events that were held at Modern English School Cairo. I supported my father and offered ideas for his company, in addition studied his paper work and applied knowledge that I am in familiar with. That is why I am applying for business administration in AUC as it's one of the most thriving majors within the current time.

My vision is to become a well-known entrepreneur recognized by the country, gain respect from public, fund charities and the poor; it is not a simple visual that can be fulfilled over a year or two, but with the encouragement and excellence of education from AUC, the difficult can be achieved. I have practiced how it's like to be a real entrepreneur in many measures such as Selling, Advertising and managing inside the school's culture. My social skills are strong enough to make new relationships that I will benefit from whether it's related to a professor or an undergraduate like me.

Teamwork, Leadership and Decision making are all aspects an unbeaten business man will require for his future and firm; AUC will help "dig out" some of these buried characteristics within me, seeing as every person is not ideal. Applying for this Major is a challenge that I am aware of and capable of handling in all shapes and sizes, I am not a quitter and usually try my hardest in subjects I admire. I believe that with the principles of AUC I can develop into a person that is keen to aid not only myself, but my country which is currently in a serious economical crisis.

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