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My answer prompt for essay question 1 of GSEP Program Application in Titech.

shahriar10 3 / 5  
Jul 17, 2020   #1

Why do you wish to enroll in this degree program at Tokyo Institute of Technology?

How will completing this degree program contribute to achieving your career objectives?
(max. 500 words)

I always had a curiosity to visualize any scientific facts I learn from my book. Experimenting from if light really travelled in a straight line by candles; to if heat actually was produced in exothermic reaction while my grandmother prepared chun (calcium hydroxide) by adding water to lime to eat with betel-leaf, I quenched my thirst for practical knowledge in school.

After high school, I found myself more inclined to study engineering. My craving to find something new is more than just memorizing science verbatim. So, the ambition to become an engineer coincides in becoming a researcher.

While being first year textile engineering student in Bangladesh, I thought my focus on what to research should be on my field only. My teachers seeing myself interested in research, they suggested me to read through research papers. Reading them from Google Scholar with keywords of my understanding, though I would understand a very little, I realized good works were often not only based on my discipline, but almost always had a touch from other ones too. In a class one day, the Professor introduced me to the fact that even concretes can be strengthened using textile composites. These experiences led me to the conclusion that, knowledge from all sciences, engineering and liberal arts may need to be converged to identify potential problems which have higher impacts in the world and work on them with proper research ethics.

In November 2019, I got to know the GSEP Program of Tokyo Institute of Technology. After looking through the whole program details and experiences of students, I have realized this degree on Transdisciplinary Science and Engineering is a perfect package for me. The chance to discover many engineering fields first and then work on the topic I am passionate about is the best thing here. There are so many laboratories to work in for deeper research in senior years. Moreover, the program is an outstanding platform for multicultural exchange which is very essential for understanding anything from a global perspective.

By getting into GSEP Program, I can act as a bridge to facilitate communication between my Japanese, Bangladeshi and other country friends. Being from a condition where I cannot afford my education in Japan, I was attracted to MEXT Scholarship and started to know about it a few years ago. I founded a Facebook group about MEXT Scholarship, as a platform to exchange information for application and examination for the applicants, currently has almost 26 thousand members from all over the world. I want to keep working in promoting of the programs by sharing my experiences of GSEP program through MEXT Scholarship there.

When I come back to my country, my dream is to establish a research firm with makerspace facilities for all engineers in Bangladesh. I want to share my learnt work and research ethics for solving practical problems, solutions of which will impact not only my country but the whole world, and thus create a good image of Japan and Bangladesh in between.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,511 3437  
Jul 18, 2020   #2
Your essay is far off base, you actually forgot what the original prompt is about. You were being asked for the reasons that you chose to apply to this specific university. Not why you decided to apply for the scholarship. The expected response is 2 fold:

- An explanation of what your future career ambitions are
- How the university program fits with this future ambition

So your paragraphs should be specific in response as:
Par. 1: How you learned about the university
Par. 2: How you chose your course
Par. 3: What specific course programs are directed towards your future training
Par. 4: What specific academic and career objectives you hope to achieve during your time as a student at the university

Using the outline above, your response will be quick, objective, and relevant to the course of your choice along with the reason why the university was chosen.

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