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Application for UGRAD - What hobbies and interests do you enjoy / design and movies

hhspark 3 / 11  
Jan 2, 2022   #1
I answered this question honestly, and I'm worried it would seem kind of immature and inappropriate.
Also for questions like this with no limitations in word counts, is it better to answer them as long as possible?

What hobbies and interests do you enjoy?

My first interest in popular culture and attempt to major in design started from movies. As a child, my parents were very busy and a movie night at the local cinema once in a while was our only leisure activity. However, it was joyful to experience different stories and cultures of the world from the screen and it made me dream about foreign countries and their composite art. I also started to learn English since then.

Blockbusters are my all-time childhood nostalgia, and I often visit small cinemas far away for independent films. I look for lots of movies from the '80s when massive film productions started to appear, with fewer computer graphic effects. Also, my great interest is in horror movies. It is incredible to think of clever ideas and compose scenes to provoke people's primitive emotions.

Recently I started to write film reviews at my notion account. Through interpretation in their social context, it helps me to fully understand the film and find more interesting portions out of it.

My other hobby is ballet, I started it to cure my text neck posture and it has been my big pleasure since then. It was great to strengthen muscles that are not used ordinarily and helped me to stay physically fit. Focusing on dance movements and expressions while exercising will never get me bored in doing ballet. Improving basic skills I will be preparing for an amateur competition this year.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,303 3989  
Jan 3, 2022   #2
Focus on your current hobby of writing movie reviews. Mention that first before the childhood foundation. The less you mention of the childhood fascination with cinema, the better your response will be. There needs to be a sense of enjoyment in your responses though. Rather than coming across as enjoyable hobbies, these comes across as stiff responses that fail to show how you enjoy your spare time. Try to avoid constantly connecting your responses to your chosen major. Be friendly rather than competitive, as in the case of ballet. This is not about that. This is all about showing your diverse interests that may be entertaining, helpful, or a learning experience for your batchmates. It should show how you enjoy being alone and being with a group in seperate settings.

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