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Why are you applying and how can we help you achieve your goals at Syracuse?

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Sep 22, 2018   #1

Syracuse short answer questions

Hey I was just wondering if you guys could read over my responses to the short answer questions in the Syracuse University application.

1.Who or what influenced you to apply to Syracuse University? (Maximum: 250 words)
While it may seem strange, I was influenced to apply to Syracuse University because of a youtube channel. I had visited Syracuse before, and already I could feel like something was right about being there. I could picture myself walking across the campus with my classmates or studying for a test in the library and by the time that I left Syracuse was already high on my list.

However, it was weeks later when my interest had really piqued. I was searching online for other people's opinion on Syracuse when I came across a youtube channel where a student was videotaping his day-to-day experiences at Syracuse and I was absolutely mesmerized I must have watched 6 videos that night. And the more I watched the more I fell in love with what I saw: a school where you could feel comfortable having a conversation with a complete stranger as though you've known each other for years. I thrive in an environment where people can feel free to be themselves without judgment, whether its what you choose to study, or what extracurricular activities you participate in. And when I saw Syracuse through the eyes of that student on youtube, I could feel a sense of unity that comes from being a student at Syracuse that I want to be a part of.

2.Who is the person you dream of becoming and how do you believe Syracuse University can help you achieve this? (Maximum: 250 words)
Secretly I've always dreamt of being like the superheroes in cartoons I would watch while I was younger. And while I don't expect to be duking it out with a supervillain any time soon I still admire the tenacity and courage that these heroes emanate. Even though I'm not sure of what major I want to study I know that at Syracuse there's a slew of courses for me to take in order to figure out what exactly I want to do. Whether it's "organic chemistry" or "History of Recorded Sound" I can feel confident knowing that I'll be able to fully explore my academic interests with challenging classes that will allow me to emulate the qualities I respect so much about the superheroes of my childhood.

Thanks in advance, any advice you have for me would be greatly appreciated

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Sep 22, 2018   #2
There are three points on which I believe your first essay can be developed-
1. You could include specific features of Syracuse which attract you rather than just claiming you can picture yourself there (Majors, Research Opportunities, Professors etc)
2. You could also avoid making your essay to academic centric by discussing about student spirit of the institution and various clubs and movements.
3. You SHOULD also try to include what is it that you'll bring to their campus (Perspectives, maybe you'll start new clubs etc.)

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