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"The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery" unique qualities of NW

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Nov 9, 2011   #1
What are the unique qualities of Northwestern - and of the specific undergraduate school to which you are applying - that make you want to attend the University? In what ways do you hope to take advantage of the qualities you have identified?

"The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery," said Mark Van Doren. What Mister Van Doren said one century ago still holds true today. The art of teaching is in fact the process in which one nurtures another to aid in the development of making a discovery. It would be a privilege to attend Northwestern University, who practices this art form the best. There are a few things I would like to discover when I am in college, and Northwestern University will suit me better than any other.

My mother and I came to this country in order for me to discover. Discover what? I asked myself. "Discover your dreams Haoxuan, reach your potential and find yourself," mom would say (well, actually she didn't say that, but it was implied in her actions). This idea of self-discovery has been a long and painful process, with many scars to show. Yet, even today I am still baffled about who I really am. It takes more than 13 years of innocent child play, and 4 years of so-called "maturing" in high school to accurately understand anything, even myself. Perhaps the supportive environment and the phenomenal professors of Northwestern can aid me on my journey toward my discovery.

Undergraduates at Northwestern University need a foundation in liberals and science, no matter ones major. Because of the schedule of the school, having three trimesters with a typical trimester containing four courses, I would be able to have more credits than most undergraduates at another school. Though my intended major is economics and possibly business, the flexible schedules that Northwestern University provides their undergraduates will be taken advantaged by me, so that I can take courses in which I am interested, without straying from main focus in economics. Like I said before, I have not discovered who I really am, but with the guidance of Northwestern University, I can look forward to discovering my other interests, hobbies, and myself.

I spoke with a professor while I was on a campus tour at Northwestern's Weinburg College of Arts (which is the college in which I am applying). He was kind enough to talk to me and taught me a few things that I did not know about United States economics. I was so intrigued that I wanted to stay the whole day and just listen to him comment, but my tour group was abandoning me. I suppose they were not as interested in economics as I was. From this experience, I know that the economics department at Northwestern has wonderful professors like the one I talked to, professors who will answer all my questions regarding my personal interests in economics.

"Teacher, I have a question!"

I remember, when I was younger my head would be filled with questions. It is a question that drives research, and it is research that provides a discovery. Northwestern dedicates over five hundred million dollars towards research. To take advantage of this, I would like to conduct my own research. My question is: "Everyone lives under the same sun, but why does the sun shines brighter on some than others?" The imbalance in socioeconomic status is a problem I would like to help solve in the near future. This is very personal to me, because I, myself, comes from a village in China fighting poverty, and have lived in the lower class of American society, feel that it is unfair for those who do not have the option and opportunity to climb their way up the social ladder, not matter how hard they work. Thus, I am planning on researching the topic regarding poverty if I am enrolled in Northwestern University. Maybe if I discover the solution to this problem, I can be a step closer to finding myself as well.

Northwestern University has a humble vibe, but yet is well known to be one of the best schools in the nation. It really is an honor to be applying to such a prestigious school. This means that I am representing all those from my village who were not given the opportunity to come to America to study. I want to spend my next four years in the prairie of Northwestern, and if I were to be accepted to Northwestern, perhaps it should be a letter congratulating me, my mother, and those in my village, for they will not be in poverty much longer.

See. My problem is that I do not know what to research in regards to the specifics of northwestern. All i can really find is the graduate schools, and I am in interested in that, since I am still only in High School. ):

please help me reorganize my essay and perhaps add in a some specific topics I can talk about. Thank you!
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Nov 12, 2011   #2
I spoke with a professor while I was on a campus tour at Northwestern's Weinburg College of Arts (which is the college in which I am applying) .

Nicely Written~!

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