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arts and sciences - Northwestern application essay (250 words)

alextloft28 4 / 15 1  
Oct 15, 2013   #1
Prompt: What are the unique qualities of Northwestern - and of the specific undergraduate school to which you are applying - that make you want to attend the University? In what ways do you hope to take advantage of the qualities you have identified? (250 words)

Response: Throughout my high school career I realized a couple of things that I am looking for in a college. Since I grew up in the suburbs I have gotten fairly accustomed to a fairly diverse cultural scene so the aspects of being within a stone's throw of the cultural epicenter of the Midwest excites me a lot. Chicago has everything from the best restaurants in the world to world class sports teams, so I really couldn't expect anything more out of a city. It also helps that Northwestern is located in Evanston because I know that even though big cities are full of excitement they can also overwhelm you at times. The campus at northwestern is also another big draw for me. It lake front location and perfectly manicured buildings make it feel like the nicest campus in America and the perfect place to retreat from when returning from a busy day in Chicago. That perfect mixture of culture and seclusion is something that is very rare in a college and an aspect of northwestern that I would very much look forward to utilizing frequently. Also the Weinberg College of arts and sciences provides an innumerable amount of possible classes. One of the things that I most enjoyed during high school was the ability to choose my own path so the possibility of choosing between more than two-thousand classes really excites me. I will use all of those choices to really explore my career choices and experiment with what I like and don't like.

Notes: this is not heavily edited, but i want to take a different approach to this essay. Normally I spend hours ans hours editing my essays then have someone give me a couple of good ideas which causes me to tear my essay apart. This time I want to get feedback first! Thanks in advance.

Foriya 2 / 12 7  
Oct 15, 2013   #2
Also the Weinberg College of arts and sciences provides an innumerable amount of possible classes .This is a characteristic of most colleges of arts and sciences.I doubt it counts as a unique quality of Northwestern's college of arts and sciences.Try to read more about the Weinberg college I am sure you would find something quite unique that makes you tick.

Mentioning its location as a factor would definitely count as unique if its setting is one of a kind and there are very few or preferably no other colleges that meets the specifications you stated.I hope my suggestions help and you are welcome.

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rohankrishnar 1 / 2  
Oct 15, 2013   #3
Your essay is amazing, but could you reduce the description of the city a bit and increase the specificity of the programs? Colleges want to know why you have chosen that specific course in that specific college. To be blunt, your essay needs to be a bit less vague. Talk about specific research grants/examples and a course that interests you there

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Lydmeister 6 / 17  
Oct 20, 2013   #4
I know the prompt asks about why you have chosen Northwestern, but colleges like this really want to hear what you will contribute to the school. Definitely leave what you have, but if you can, I would try to weasel in how you will use the benefits of this specific school both to your advantage and to the schools. How will attending Northwestern help you be a better student?
OP alextloft28 4 / 15 1  
Oct 20, 2013   #5
Right now i am at 254 words and the limit it 250. What should I do to change with what I have?
College girl 13 4 / 5  
Oct 21, 2013   #6
I really like your essay but one thing I would change is all the description about your city the city period and add in more about what you'll get out of going to that college and why its different from others and everything.

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