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'an aspiring journalist' - Boston University - Diversity

Jan 2, 2012   #1
BU attracts students from more countries than are represented in the United Nations. Our global presence and reputation are important and are reflected in the perspectives, opinions, and experiences of our students. Why is this type of environment important to you?

As an aspiring journalist, the diversely vibrant academic setting that BU offers is what I find invigorating. Having been brought up in a multi-cultural country, I have always been more than inclined to enlighten myself about the traditions of others. I think BU would be the perfect platform for me to expand my horizons and learn more about the other cultures around the globe, all the while doing so while being rooted in one place.

Firstly, diversity encourages solidarity, a key component in the clockwork of the media. The world is on the edge of globalization. In this day and age, diversity would certainly be a significant element in building international influence, which in turn produces a sense of unity, locally and globally. I think this sense of unity should be cherished; it benefits countries and stimulates the process of development, flourishing them politically, economically, and socially. This contributes to the idea that in order to move forward, communities must work together, highlighting the consequential importance of diversity.

Moreover, I speak from experience when stressing the importance of diversity. Hailing from an international boarding school myself, I believe this type of environment is key to producing a well-rounded pupil. Class discussions that take place are acknowledged as platforms to introduce and challenge opinions. This enables individuals to become people who are socially aware and open to new ideas that would one day bring about the change, the change that would allow us to take a step forward for the journey that is yet to come.

Finally, I believe diversity is of paramount importance when linked to the field of journalism. An individual's exposure to diversity would clear up any misconceptions an individual may have concerning a particular race and its background, a significant approach when it comes to developing one's point of view regarding an issue. With diversity, people are able to open up to varying opinions and different perceptions. It creates a sense of understanding. It is able to get rid of prejudice and eliminate bigotry. For example, one's exposure to diversity is able to prevent one from writing or reporting a news article from a biased perspective, mainly because one would be socially aware of different perceptions stemming from different backgrounds.

I believe receiving the multi-cultural education available at BU would enable me to achieve the dream that I have as an aspiring journalist, which is to write and communicate the truth, while being exposed to an array of customs, ultimately eliminating a point of view that would be likened to a frog in a well.

Jan 2, 2012   #2
I love the use of language.
Also, you can give specific things about BU that you like.

Good luck!

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