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What attribute of your personality are you most proud of...? MIT Essay

caiolp 1 / -  
Dec 22, 2012   #1
What attribute of your personality are you most proud of, and how has it impacted your life so far? This could be your creativity, effective leadership, sense of humor, integrity, or anything else you'd like to tell us about. (*) (200-250 words)

The attribute I'm most proud of is my curiosity.
My doubts about the underlying principles of nature led me to search deeper to peace my uneasiness. I found an interesting channel on YouTube where great scientists talk about a variety of topics. I was fascinated by Michio Kaku talking about several subjects ranging from resurrection of dinosaurs to quantum physics and by Neil deGrasse Tyson passionately talking about astronomy and how poetic our connection with the universe is: every atom that composes our bodies was formed by supernovas billions of years ago.

Particularly, one topic excited my imagination: quantum computers. Computers made my life much easier and interesting. Just in a few seconds I can read the poems of accomplished poets, see the paintings of great masters and travel the world without leaving home. The computer is crucial in my life; I depend on it to communicate with my friends, to study, to listen to music and to do this college essay. Quantum computers are promising because they can largely increase the speed of processing and make the impact of the computers even bigger.

This YouTube channel enabled me have a glimpse of what is science and engineering today, to further develop my interest for science and to make important discoveries: among them, the impact that these new inventions can cause in people's lives. Undoubtedly, this was one of experiences that magnified my desire to be an engineer.
nairbear68 6 / 29 6  
Dec 22, 2012   #2
your essay is bit vague with sentences that are too general (like your second to last sentence-> anyone could have said that)
you have an interesting hook with the youtube but then... yeah try to be more specific about yourself because i don't think you really answered the prompt

if you have time please take a look at my upenn essay!
hotaru1007 - / 5  
Dec 25, 2012   #3
for me it's more like 'department' essay rather than 'personality' essay, especially the closing sentence.
i suggest you to explain more about your curiosity and what interesting experience you have in life because of your special curiosity

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