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'Being an avid band member' - Common App- Short Answer: Band

dynamo 2 / 3  
Nov 13, 2011   #1
So I've been in the band since the 3rd grade and as of last year I've started playing the Bass Trombone with two triggers, I am in concert, jazz and marching band. I want to add more to the short answer but I don't know what else to type up, any ideas? the limit is 1000 characters by the way, its 381 at the moment.

Being an avid band member for about 9 years I have learned not only instrumental skills but, also skills for life. I have played the trombone ever since the third grade and I can't thank my various band instructors enough for the valuable experience they have passed on to me. They have taught me not only the workings of music but also how to lead large groups, work together with others in order to reach various goals and how to effectively plan and manage time.
dumi 1 / 6,927 1592  
Nov 14, 2011   #2
You can talk about one or two incidents that stand as examples for what you believe as the life skills u learned by being in the band. Also tell them how they shaped your thinking and perception. Give a little more emortion to your answer.
menukagrg 7 / 98  
Nov 14, 2011   #3
If you can focus one aspect of playing instruments, or an instrument, then you can try that sort of writing. In short answer question, one really has such limited space that one cannot talk about everything. So maybe instead, you can just about the feeling you get when you play. You know, how in movies the camera zooms in on small space to show the details, to make the experience more intimate. Just do that instead you are writing, not directing. I hope this kinda makes sense.

Good luck
OP dynamo 2 / 3  
Nov 27, 2011   #4
Why Thank you both so much for your input let me see what I can do about this
hwei1994 2 / 7  
Dec 14, 2011   #5
Hi Dynamo,

I have to remind you that the space characters are also counted, and hence you have only approximately 250 characs left.

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