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Background or story (Central to identity): Middle Child/ Independent

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Mar 2, 2014   #1
Essay Topic : Some students have a background or story that is so central to their identity that they believe their application would be incomplete without it. If this sounds like you, then please share your story. I'm not very good at writing essay's about myself. This is what I have :

There I was, watching as my mom held my baby brother in her arms. At that time, I was already feeling the full effects of middle child syndrome, I was fully aware of what was to come. I knew the effects would get worse. At that moment, I did not know how I could go on being this "forgotten" child. Now I realized that the lack of attention I receive gave me an advantage that I did not know I possessed.

Being brought up as this "forgotten" child I was forced to deal with things on my own. Even though I sought my parents' approval for certain things, I knew if they were not there, I would be able to do things on my own. This occurred a lot throughout school. My parents are not the "check homework" type. So I was doing a lot of school work by myself. This, in fact, made me pay more attention during school and got extra help from my teachers if I needed it, and my grades were better than my siblings. This showed that I did not need my parents' undivided attention as much as they did. I was fully capable of doing things the right way without any parental guidance.

As I got older, the little interest my parents did have, decreased drastically. As a result I became shy and reserved. I did not talk to a lot of people in school which kept me out of a lot of trouble, unlike my older sister who was getting in trouble every other month. I noticed that she would get in trouble to get attention from our dad. For instance, she got suspended for fighting and instead of my parents' punishing her, she was able to spend a whole week with my dad. In response to this, I began to talk back to my parents' and slack off in school. Then I realized that my actions were not gaining me and attention and I am not a trouble maker. I did not want to change who I was at heart just to get my parents' to notice me.

Once I stopped fighting for my parents' attention, I realized I could conquer things on my own. I did not need them to help me with my schoolwork or come to my plays, or even their simple support. They saw that I did not need them to hover over me to do the right thing. I observed my siblings mistakes and learned from them. I began to respect my parents' more, and even though they sometimes forgot about me, I knew deep down that they cared for me.

Being a middle child is hard. No one can really comprehend the things we go through if they are not a middle child themselves. Most people look at middle children issues and say that they are false. They stereotype us as being these kids that think everyone is against them and that is also false. We face our challenges head on and do not let anything stop us. We turn those cons into pros and benefit from this life changing experience.

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