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Barnard College - Letter of Continued Interest (response to waitlist offer)

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May 6, 2018   #1

Barnard College admission

With both great excitement and disappointment to see my status update on my admission portal yesterday, I am glad that I still have a chance at attending Barnard College but also anxious about having to wait a few more weeks for the final decision. Please accept this letter as an addendum to my application to provide brief updates on my recent achievements.

Since I submitted my application to Barnard, I have won the first place in the Horsemanship Show supervised by the Intercollegiate Horse Shows Association (IHSA) in Region 1 and was named the IHSA semifinalist in early March. On March 17, representing Mount Holyoke College Western Riding Team in IHSA Semi Final, I won the 7th place out of riders selected from 8 regions which represent one-third of total western riding teams in the United States.

For this semester, I, along with other senators at Mount Holyoke College, Amherst College, Smith College, and Umass Amherst Student Governments, has initiated a petition called Save Pioneer Valley Transit Authority (PVTA) to save the public transportation taken by most residents in Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts every day. We have attracted significant attention by gathering 3,414 signatures on the petition and set up meetings with the Board of Massachusetts Ways and Means and representatives from PVTA in late March. Even though there is a $3 million budget cut that we can offer limited help with, initiating such a petition and fighting for social welfare has given me pride in taking social responsibility.

In the past April, I have made major progress on my extra credit project about foreign capital flow at Smith College. My project is directed to test the qualifications of two emerging markets in Latin America- Colombia and Peru- for foreign capital inflow. During the gathering and evaluation of data regarding external balances, global finance, and global business, I have been able to utilize concepts I learned in an international Finance class, including but not limited to the Mundell-Fleming approach, purchasing power parity, exchange rate regimes, and foreign exchange intervention. I have been expanding on my economics, especially finance knowledge, and have been prepared to dive into more fields in a rigorous liberal arts environment of Barnard, with extensive resources from Colombia University background.

Despite having to wait for a few more weeks, having any chance to be at Barnard this fall is an honor. After visiting campus last semester, there seems to be no better choice than Barnard to call home for the remaining two years of my college life. I genuinely appreciate the opportunity for a second review based on these additional achievements. As Barnard has been my first and only choice now, if admitted, I will accept without hesitation, be able to pay full tuition and matriculate to the class of 2020.

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