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Barnard - majored in unafraid - The only girl in Computer Science

mualla 19 / 92 28  
Dec 26, 2016   #1
Alumna and writer Anna Quindlen says that she "majored in unafraid" at Barnard. Tell us about a time when you majored in unafraid. (100-250 words)

"You know this is the computer science class?" was the first question imposed upon me. I gulped. Looking around, I wished there was another female in the class. I tried to avoid the glances between the guys in the class by pretending to be focused at the summer assignment in front of me. Though I always found Computer Science intriguing, I was afraid that I would be left out in a class full of only guys. When the bell rang I rushed out the door; anxiety had taken over me.

For a couple of days, I looked for another class to replace Computer Science with. I decided I was not a good fit for the class. Before I could make my way to the guidance department, my Computer Science teacher caught me in the hallway and unexpectedly congratulated me. My eyebrows were raised and my eyes were wide. "Impressively, you are the only one in the class who finished the summer assignment accurately. How about you explain the class how you wrote the program?" he said. I suddenly felt a rush of courage dawn on me.

When I came back to the class and explained the program, everyone's jaw dropped. My uncertainty about staying in the class turned into confidence. My fears faded and I knew then that as a female I was capable, that I should be going for STEM related classes. I knew then that I had majored in unafraid.
YomanAwe 1 / 3 1  
Dec 26, 2016   #2
Excellent writing! As a computer science major myself I loved reading your piece.
Mention who asked you that first question. I assume it was a rude classmate, but it just kind of hung there and made me re-read it, and that's never a good thing. Excellent ending!
Omerzafar 2 / 3  
Dec 26, 2016   #3
Spectacular writing . there are few petty error such as ' says ' should be say and "STEMrelated" should be ''STEM-related'
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,217 4648  
Dec 27, 2016   #4
Mualla, is there any chance that there was a different time in your life when you majored in "unafraid" based upon something that is not related to Math, Computer Science, or STEM? I am only bringing this up because there is already a major redundancy in your essays. All of your topics focus on the same discussion, this can pose a problem because the reviewer can get tired of reading about the same topic over and over and over again in different prompts. He is not getting to know who you are beyond your love for these 3 fields of learning. Each essay you write should strive to try and represent a different part of you when the topic pertains to a common prompt. That means that it is not "major" centered. This is a written interview so you need to shake it up and change your focus every so often. Just as you would in a regular face to face interview.

While this essay is sheer perfection yet again, the reviewer does not see you constantly overcoming any other obstacle except sexual discrimination. We need to avoid boring the reviewer with your topics. If he sees that you have discussed the same topic for 3 or more essays, you are risking him simply skimming the beginning of your essay and not really paying attention to what you have to say anymore because you always say the same thing in 100 different ways.

Sorry if I am blunt about this, but I am trying to improve your chances by showing varying facets to your life experiences, life abilities, and life direction in general. We are overly focused on STEM, Math, and Computer Science at the moment and it could really get tiring , boring, and repetitive for the reviewer to read.
OP mualla 19 / 92 28  
Dec 27, 2016   #5

Yes, I agree Holt. Ok I am thinking about doing different topics for these supplement, because I see that the reader can be bored.

I am in between two options now. I see that all of my supplements kind of present the same theme so I am thinking of varying the content. Which option do you think I can go with?:

Option 1:
--Pick one woman: I can do Helen Keler(the woman who overcame the adversity of being blind and deaf at the same time) instead of Katherine Johnson

--A time you majored in unafraid: the time I was thinking about dropping AP Computer Science(which is what I wrote above)


Option 2:
--Pick one woman: I can go with Katherine Johnson instead of Helen Keller
--A time you majored in unafraid: I can write about another time I majored in unafraid.
Crystor 3 / 10 1  
Dec 27, 2016   #6
--Pick one woman: I can go with Katherine Johnson instead of Helen Keller

I am in favor of Option 2.
Writing different topics can help reviewers know the real you. In every aspects. Instead of only in STEM.
OP mualla 19 / 92 28  
Dec 27, 2016   #7

Both options I posted above have a STEM related aspect. For option 1, I overcome the fear of being the only girl in my Computer Science class and for option 2 I converse with Katherine Johnson about encouraging woman to go into STEM fields.

So, I will use one of them and vary my the other supplement to write something different.

If possible could you please tell me which option is better. I am sorry to be a bother on Christmas break but the deadlines are approaching. Sorry..
OP mualla 19 / 92 28  
Dec 28, 2016   #8

Hi Holt... Like you said, I wrote about another time I majored in unafraid. This is my visit to an oral surgeon. Hope this fills in the prompt requirements-:)

After many visits to the several oral surgeons at a young age, I was informed that I needed an immediate surgery because of a tumor in my jaw. The risks of the surgery? The jaw could potentially break. Anxiety took over me.

So, lying on that foreign bed on the day of the surgery, I feared anything that would come after: the potential risks, my appearance afterwards, the recovery time. It was eight-fifty four, six minutes before the surgery. A tear dropped from my left eye. The doctor prepared his materials, the nurses rushed quickly to begin the process and my dad was sent out the door. This is it, I thought.

But in that four minutes before the surgery, I thought about the past ten months. How my dad and I visited several doctors and were informed of the huge risks. However, as I sat there I looked at everything from a different angle. I realized I was granted a hard, but unique experience to deal with. This surgery was not my end; it was my beginning to face my fears at a young age.

Suddenly, I woke up. "Did the surgery start yet?" I asked the doctor. "It's finished. You were very brave, young lady," he said smiling. Right then, my family came through the door with two balloons. I touched my numb cheek and positioned myself to stand up. A tear dropped from my right eye. I knew then that I had majored in unafraid.

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