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'Becoming an oncology doctor' (choosing a major)

Nov 28, 2011   #1
The Choosing a Major
About two years ago I had been studying in a High School which is specialized in science (chemistry and biology). After I graduated from it, my parents gave me an opportunity to move to Canada in order to get a good quality education and choose a right major. I was excited by the chance given to me. In fact, to select my future major was one of the toughest decisions of my life.

There were several good reasons for choosing a major, oncology, in particular. First of all, I love science for making research and conducting experiments that are directly related to Health Care. I could work in a general hospital to take care of my patients. I would enjoy helping people and examining their illnesses in order to cure them. Moreover, the opportunity given by my parents is valuable because I would become more independent and responsible for myself for getting tiny thins done, such as dealing with finance and documents. Another reason is that I would like this job. Facilitating the recovery and saving people's lives would bring me happiness and fulfillment, such as a gardener watering fading flowers to give them a life.

On the other hand, choosing a major of oncology has some disadvantages and risks. The first one is high competition among students. Each student tries their best to get in to the Medical School and I am one of them. There is a less possibility to enroll in it because of the vast amount of students. There are also young people who don't have much money, and it makes their admission much harder. As a result, they work hard to get a scholarship. This reason is the tuition. There is one more reason choosing this major is taking risks because it is taking responsibility for people's lives. Lives of those people are in your hands.

I was up in the air for a month about choosing a major. A month later, I've moved to Canada. Since arriving here, I realized the cons and pros in obtaining a correct specialization, in my case is oncology. Considering all its sides, I've finally made a decision. After all, I began my long journey of becoming a doctor.

Nov 28, 2011   #3
your subject is very interesting ! ... i hope you become a great doctor and enter the school you want to go to ... just put lots of effort in your work and i'm sure u'll make it ;)

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