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Will it be beneficial to teach students of distinct abilities collectively?

chinkybehl22 10 / 25 4  
Nov 21, 2017   #1
TOPIC :- Some people think educating children of different abilities together will benefit them. Others think different abilities together will benefit them. Others think intelligent children should be taught separately and be given special courses. Discuss both the views and your opinion.

all in class should be treated equally

It has been observed that the intelligence level differs from one kid to another. Some people believe that it will be beneficial to teach students of distinct abilities collectively. However, there are a few who think that sharp-minded kids should be taught separately to impart specialized training courses. This essay will discuss both the views followed by my opinion.

Some people think that students at different intelligence quotient should be taught together as it will enhance the performance of the average students. While interacting with the intelligent kids, they will learn new things and enhance their knowledge. These interactions would help them clear their doubts and they can grasp best practices of the sharp-minded kids to fetch good results.

However, there are a few who are in a favor of a separate section for the intelligent kids to sharpen their skills and to impart skill based special courses. They feel that due to the same understanding level, they will grasp things efficiently within no time. A personalised class specially for these kids would enhance their skills and increase their concentration level without being disturbed by the mischievous kids. Specialised courses would help them master the skills and shape up their career for a better future.

In my opinion, all the students irrespective of their intelligence level, should be taught together. On a daily basis, they will interact with other kids of different understanding level. They will learn to adjust to each other and increase their patience level. This would further enhance their overall personalities.

To conclude, people should encourage the education system to teach all the students of different abilities together. This will not just improve the performance of the class, but also help in the overall development of the children. Henceforth, all the children should be treated equally and given a fair chance to enhance their knowledge.
RzkMg 2 / 1  
Nov 21, 2017   #2
I think in overall you should summarize your paragraph 1&2 and then give your opinion not just mention 1 idea instead
NguyenBinh 1 / 5  
Nov 22, 2017   #3
in my view, i think the summarization are
in paragraph 2. for children they should be developed in the most comprehensive ways hence they need to play and study (interact) with friends of the same age is more important than studying to become a specialist ... Then give an example

in paragraph 3. the intelligent children will learn faster than others so to avoid the boring lessons the particular courses is quite essential... Then give an example

naseernasrati 14 / 33 10  
Nov 22, 2017   #4
in my view this is not a good way and good place that you used to write your opinion.
its not interesting for me as a reviewer when i read an introduction paragraph and then two body paragraphs and then your opinion.
its confusing for me because it shows things whispered and not coherence.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 15048 4830  
Nov 22, 2017   #5
Chinky, your concluding paragraph is what destroyed the ability of this paper to get a high score. Your concluding sentence did not conclude the discussion but rather, continued the discussion because you are discussing how it is important to encourage the teaching of children of different abilities together. This is a new avenue of information that should have been given its own paragraph before your wrap up paragraph. Since that is not what you did in this instance, your essay became open ended. This will be easily noticed by the reviewer who will immediately mark down your TA score due to the improper concluding sentence. Remember, the concluding sentence functions in the same way as the opening paraphrase. This time, it should only summarize and represent the previous discussion in a concluding form. You do not have a problem with your English grammar. You discussed the topic well throughout the body of paragraphs. That is why I am wondering how you could have made such a mistake in the concluding paragraph. Be aware of how you are writing and what you are writing. Make sure you don't continue the discussion beyond the 3 body paragraphs.

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