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"It's best decision" - Reasons why students attend college or university.

redinatalka 1 / -  
Aug 11, 2009   #1
Topic No I
People attend college and university for many different reasons ( for example , new experiences , career preparation, and increased knowledge ) Why do you think people attend college and university ? Use specific reason to support your essay

Nowadays, education no doubt plays an important role in professional and social life. Many students attend college or university for many reasons. Although people think that universities are available for career preparation and increasing knowledge , in my opinion it is correct to say this aloud , that colleges represent a new experience on life

Personally speaking , education is about learning to think, learning different ways to analyze a problem and to find a solution to resolve it. Participating in colleges and universities would be a great opportunity to have a general formation in order to be able to think clearly, critically, to have broad range of knowledge . When people at times could confront debates or situations, they would be able to know where to start to analyze and to have a solution for that.

Moreover people want to attend college because they want to achieve great success in life .Pursuing a college they would be able to gain more good skills that will be helpful for their future careers .

Professionally , the conventional view is that education increases one ' earning potential , so college is one ticket to a high-paying job . Actuality people who want to go to a college and university often thinks about the job and the high salary they can earn in order to have a comfortable lifestyle and to provide themselves

Similarly since the competition of jobs is higher and the number of job applicants are getting increased everyone should be well educated and to have e degree in order to get a good professional job. So in one way or another a college education is a requirement of many professional jobs

In a social perspective , going to college and university is e new experience in life and through such live experience people become more wiser, mature and responsible .

Student that attend colleges are separated from their parents and their homes Now they are forced to face another reality but this time at different rules, being alone and not having the support of their families. Through that they use to be more mature and to handle the world by them selves.

Similarly , participating a college could be very useful for people because only in these way they can come across to diverse social, cultural and multi language groups. By meeting new people that are not from their hometown and further that they do not speak the same language could be e new experience that each on of them can have

In conclusion , despite of the fact that there are many reasons , attending university is the best decision that one person can do.

sorry i thought that was the address for the topic that i have wrote sorry again but still can u modify it please??
ore4thebetter 5 / 14  
Aug 12, 2009   #2
rofessionally , the conventional view is that education increases one ' earning potential , so college is ones ticket to a high-paying job . Actuality

Some examples are needed
prasun8463 3 / 9  
Aug 12, 2009   #3
I feel the 3rd and 4th paragraphs are a bit rhetorical.
In my Opinion,
You go to College to "learn from Books" and "learn from people".
If you do both, You get the chance to apply what you have learnt to get a Job.
You can emphasise & cite examples for Both and revise the entire essay to make it Coherent.

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