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"my best friend told me to eat my frog" - Brown Advice Essay?

eskape 3 / 5  
Dec 25, 2009   #1
Prompt: What's the best piece of advice you've been given and why?

When my best friend told me to eat my frog two years ago, I looked at him with utter disgust. He was known for his antics and somewhat unnecessary contributions to conversation, so I thought very little of his unusual comment. However, being told to "eat my frog" has definitely been the most useful piece of advice I have ever received. I thank my friend on a daily basis for introducing me to the idea of the frog, and the importance that lies in eating it.

After first hearing those three words, my mind thought that my friend was hinting at something slightly vulgar. Never before had I been told to eat an animal and being a vegetarian, I took offense to his remark. "Why would he tell me to eat my frog?" I thought to myself. After exchanging confusing glances, and after me making my perplexed state as to his remark clear, he went on to explain to me how "frog" refers to the most difficult task one has to accomplish on a given day. Imagine one had to eat a frog once a day every day in order to survive. The average human would probably put off eating the frog until the very end of the day. Just as we would with a frog, my friend explained how we do the same with our priorities. Generally, one tends to procrastinate on the task that may require the most work or dedication. It is for this reason that we must eat the frog first, fearlessly attack and accomplish the most difficult task we may have to do. By eating the frog first, we can be assured that nothing worse can happen to us for the rest of the day. It also gives us the energy and drive to accomplish all other tasks we may have for that day.

My friend's three words could not have had more clout in their application to my life. I had gained a very valuable piece of advice during this brief exchange and I strive to live my life with a greater emphasis on managing my priorities, accomplishing that which is most necessary and requires the most attention first. As I enter a stage of my life where independence and self-reliance will be key, the constant reminders I have to eat my frog will definitely work to my benefit during college years. Those three words were definitely the most relevant and powerful pieces of advice anyone has ever given to me, and I find myself applying this philosophy to many different aspects of my life. College will indubitably bring about new challenges and trials, but I believe that these words that I live by will aid me in getting to where I want to go in the near future. My frog may very well be studying for a final evaluation or completing a business school application, but my hunger for any frogs will prove invaluable as I continue my life's journey.
pprajoth 6 / 15  
Dec 25, 2009   #2
This is probably one of the best essays I have read on here! There are a few local mistakes that you can fix (I'm bad at that. Please get someone else to do it) but from a global perspective, I think this essay is perfect! You answer the topic well, but keep it about you just enough that you're not trying to get your friend admitted into Brown. Good job!

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