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"the best school to pronounce" - Yale Supplementary Questions

mikeehnow 3 / 30  
Dec 27, 2010   #1
Yale Supplementary

I realize that the Why Yale short answer is silly, but it's the sad truth. Also, someone got in even though they wrote about how Yale uses sand instead of salt. What they're looking for is something special about Yale and how well you write.

II. Why Yale?
What in particular about Yale has influenced your decision to apply? Please limit you response to the space provided.

I really want to go to Yale because it's one of the best schools in the country- and the easiest to pronounce. I was born with a short tongue, so it is hard to pronounce the "r" and the "th". Out of the entire Ivy League schools, only Yale and the University of Pennsylvania don't have these sounds either, but U of P seems too crowded. When I proudly say that I went to an Ivy League college, I don't want to mispronounce and become a laughingstock.

III. Short Takes
Please respond in 25 words or fewer to each of the questions below.
1. What would you do with a free afternoon tomorrow?

I would find new songs for my harmonica and try to learn how to bend notes.
2. Recall a complement you received that you especially value. What was it? From whom did it come?
"You Got This"- Omar Nolasco, a friend who wrote this in a P.S. of a goodbye card when I was about to move

3. If you could witness one moment in history, what would it be and why?
I would choose Independence Day because I wish to know if the Founding Fathers signed it in August like my textbook states.
4. What do you wish you were better at being or doing?
I wish I was better at realizing the relevance of things because I can never make a decision off the bat.
5. If you were choosing students to form a Yale class, what question would you ask here that we have not?
How do you react when you are frustrated?

mbanani 8 / 26  
Dec 27, 2010   #2
I agree with you about the first essay. I think you should really change this, try to make it more personal, try to shine through the essay. Here's some tips, what would you like to do after Yale and how would yale allow you to do that ?

for the questions, i think u should reconsider the answers to questions 3 and 4, i dont really understand ur answer to question 4. And for question 3, say something more personal, currently its a bit silly.

Good luck with your applications.
mariatateno 6 / 35  
Dec 28, 2010   #4
Its a nice idea, seems like you are trying to make it funny, if you are, go all out for it.
Anonymoussenior 17 / 133  
Dec 30, 2010   #5
overall, I like your essays but maybe say a little more about why you want to go to Yale, although I do like your pronounciation reason, it stands out from others.
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,335 129  
Jan 8, 2011   #6
born with a short tongue

Weird! You know.. I heard about methods used in Chinese medicine to actually increase the flexibility of the muscles of the tongue, so that it can stretch forward more... I don't know enough to talk intelligently about it, though...

Wow, I think it is very clever to make that joke... Immediately after making the joke, though, I think you should tell the real reason. Tell them, "Even though I like to joke about that as my motivation to apply, the real appeal comes from (name of profesor whose journal articles have been meaningful for you or whose research is closely aligned with your interests). ---That is a good way to do it. :-)
whitney 21 / 38  
Jan 13, 2011   #7
More about academic will be better, especially in part two.

p.s. I read your essay about clause. It is my pleasure that you have took my advice, and sorry to answer so late.

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