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Bilbo Baggins and Mr Frodo from the Lord of the Rings - UNC PROMPT

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Nov 26, 2012   #1
A fictional character that has influenced me would have to be Bilbo Baggins and Mr. Frodo from the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. In the beginning of the book, you learn that he has a certain way of doing things as like any other hobbit in the Shire. There is a time to get up for breakfast, the afternoon tea, and meal scheduled during night fall at the end of the day. He likes to stay in the comfort of his home and like many other hobbits is not adventurous. In the first chapter the author said, "This is a story of a Baggins had an adventure, and found him self doing and saying things altogether unexpected.", we already see from this statement that Mr. Frodo was going to find himself out of his comfort zone whether he liked it or not. Mr. Frodo was brave and determined to get the ring to Mordor in the mountain of fire to destroy it to save the people of Middle-Earth. He was an ordinary man dealing with the burden of saving the world. How he handled it so well I am not fully aware of. He pushes himself to accomplish his goal and is very trusting. He trusts Gandalf, Sam, and the rest of his companions accompanying him on his journey to destroy the ring. Some readers question the amount of trust he put in Gollum, given the fact that Gollum was selfish and had two split personalities. One that wanted to kill Mr. Frodo and one that wanted to actually help him destroy the ring because he knew how dangerous it was. Gollum too let the ring take control of his life by letting it drive him mad and turning him to a goblin like creature.
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Dec 4, 2012   #2

I think you have some issues with this answer.... First, it does not answer the prompt well because you do not talk anything about how these characters influenced your personality. The prompt itself stresses that fact and you need to tell them how you've been influenced.

Secondly, it has many grammar and structural issues... You better re-do this draft and post it so that we can help you with better.
First think about why you liked these characters and how they made an impact on your character.

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