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ryanocon44 1 / -  
Jan 20, 2019   #1
(Tell us how a specific work of journalism from a newspaper, magazine, broadcast or online had an impact on your desire to study journalism. Approximately 300 words.)

that opened my eyes to the world of journalism

Ever since I was a child, I've admired those who have sat in the broadcast booth. Whether I be at home or driving in the car, I took every opportunity to tune into a Blue Jays game on TV or the radio. To me, commentators such as Jerry Howarth or Mike Wilner for Sportsnet 590 The Fan had the greatest job on Earth. The way they could describe a game over the radio gave me inspiration growing up; the atmosphere of the stadium, the day's weather, the crack of the bat. This is a skill that I believe is underappreciated by audiences across. The ability to give your point of view of the game while keeping a professional and engaging tone is no small feat, in my opinion, and is a skill that I wish to learn in the future.

An example of a particular broadcast that opened my eyes to the world of journalism was Jerry Howarth's call of Game 5 of the ALDS for the Blue Jays; in particular his call of Jose Bautista's 7th inning home run. When the momentous home run was hit, you could hear the passion and bravado in Jerry's voice as he made the call, "Now he comes set. Kicks. The one-one pitch, fly ball deep left field - YES! SIR! There! She! Goes!" It's moments like this, when the excitement of the play finally died down, where I realized how amazing it would be to call that play from the booth.

"Great journalism will always attract readers. The words, pictures and graphics that are the stuff of journalism have to be brilliantly packaged; they must feed the mind and move the heart." This quote by Rupert Murdoch explains how journalism isn't a measure of your intelligence or where you come from. It's about being bold both as a person and as a professional, having the confidence to assert yourself and to step outside your comfort zone.

Yes, I know this essay is rough around the edges and not amazing, but I tried to make it as personal as I could. I would love some general advice in making it better, I really want to be accepted into this program. Thanks in advance.

vania 7 / 12 2  
Jan 21, 2019   #2
I think you already given an interesting introductory.
Nevertheless, the third paragraph, probably is the weakest paragraph. I think a quote is good as an introductory to what is journalism means to you if this is an essay for undergraduate admission.

I mean, the paragraph should explain about you, not giving a common information.

Buch of luck.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,088 3250  
Jan 21, 2019   #3
Ryan, for starters don't use the words of Rupert Murdoch to speak for you. Instead, refer the reviewer to your own point of view regarding the importance of journalism, how it should come to life for the reader or, in this case, the listener, and how that radio broadcast truly influenced your desire to become a journalist. Personally, I am not impressed by your choice of broadcast because it is a sports related coverage. As a future journalist, you should be able to frame your own quote and use your own words in doing so. You are trying to imply that you have the skills to create impressive statements in this essay, as a journalist is often expected to do. Think of a personal soundbite that you can use to do this.

Somehow, it does not feel like it could really influence someone to become a journalist. It could inspire you to become a sports commentator, but definitely not a journalist. I would have opted for some other news broadcast that could have influenced you to become a journalist.

For example, the 2016 elections and how it transpired has created a new form of journalism and ushered in a new generation of journalists. One of the radio or television broadcasts that covered election night should be something that truly delivers an epiphany for the listener or viewer. Most specially, someone who is trying to find his niche in the world of journalism. The event you have to depict in this essay needs to be compelling enough to convince the reviewer that the experience was truly life altering for you and could have truly pushed you towards a serious journalism career.

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