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We are born to pursue our goal in life. I want to become social worker - personal statement.

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Oct 16, 2014   #1
Prompt: Please provide information which you feel will be of interest to the Admissions Tutors and will help them know you better, e.g. your reasons for applying to HKU, the chosen curricula, extra-curricular activities, participation in voluntary work, past working experience, career aspirations and other achievements.

Why do people live for? Do they live to work or work for live? Why do people study? And why they are competing against each other? We are born to pursue our goal in life. I often wonder what is our purpose in life. It is my dream to live for others although its challenging, but I have a faith in the success of my efforts. I want to live for others by serving the poor or listening their agony to ease their pain, in other words, I regard myself as a listener. Whenever I met someone, I seek to hear about different stories from them and want to know about them too.

I wish to study Social Science because of my past experience which encouraged me to seek jobs like social worker or psychiatrist that can help people. When I was in grade 10, I had an opportunity to visit Thailand,Chiang Mai, with church volunteer community helping countryside people. At first, I thought it was just for visiting and praying for them while we did cooking and farming, and we even donated money and clothes. My idea of helping people totally changed, which shifted my perspectives of helping people.

I had a completely different view of life in Chiang Mai before I left my trip, it was a shock that they had such poor living condition. I was concerned about the hygiene of the people, especially the children's health, because the animals they raise excrete everywhere. People in their did not openly show their emotions, and their cautiousness around me was different from my idea of what people they like. Also, they were physically and emotionally exhausted since they had long day works and their bad livelihood. I felt sorry for them, and somehow thanked God that my family was living in a stabilized life. Although I did not have the power for donating or constructing better houses for them, I made the town people as happy as I could. I had a conversation with the Thai elders, giving cheer by telling them that everyone around the world has faced suffering, and we will gain a happy ending someday. Children in Chiang Mai were like pure angels, they were not like urban kids; no jealousy, no greed. They usually spent much time with their family, not like children in developed countries who are busy at doing their own things. Since the children in Chiang Mai were loveless, they came to me without hesitation when I asked them to play with me. I taught them some simple English words like Love, Happy, Play, Hug etc to communicate with them, and also I created some short chant too. Although it might sound farfetched that I was able to communicate with children through a few vocabulary words and song, it was successful to me and to them. Also, I do not think that language matters if both sides have the same thoughts and feelings.

The time I had been through with those people is a precious memory. I clearly remembered the say'Thank you' to me. I have never thought how the word "Thanks" gave one a glee and gratification before, but through this worthwhile experience, I understood that it actually moves one's deep thoughts and ideas which eventually give exultation.

The thoughtful mission in Thailand gave me a better understanding of the human condition, typically the community are lack of structural functionalism. Moreover, Chiang Mai does not welcome women whom have been disadvantaged in society. These understanding provoked me to analyze the better worldwide society and made me to decide to help the poor, people, groups and community.

Having with a perfect dream, my family faced a dark storm. My dad's company went a bankrupt. It was the largest crisis in my life that I had to consider leave China ,which I regard as my hometown since I've been here almost ten years. I had an inner conflict and I had to fight with myself. However, my dad was the one who encountered the most shock. By seeing his changed attitude, I strongly resented him, and resented my family. Why on earth did this tragedy happened to us? One day, I found a picture taken with Chiang Mai people. It was bloodcurdling and I was shamed of my dual personality. I was the person who holding their hands, saying encouragement and offering consolation. Nevertheless, when the harsh situation came to me, I was the one who complained childishly and mad at my dad. I wished the earth would swallow me up. After when I realized I was wrong and selfish, and I apologized him. My family had to be split and since then, my thought became certain that to live for others is worthy.

Ever since then, I had an earnest desire to study social work. Community services became my daily agenda, typically, as a Korean, attending lots of services in China was very special to me since experiencing foreign social services were rare and worth. The most challenging but thoughtful community services were babysitting autism and English tutoring to local Chinese primary students every twice a week in the beginning of my Junior year. Although they were little different, I found that both services required patience, which I once again learned that Social science is also building a person's character and to believe in social justice.

I believe both Hong Kong and China have culturally integrated community with different sharing and connecting which this kind of environment has fascinated to me, a Korean student, since I have been China almost ten years and as a frequent visitor to Hong Kong. However, I want to learn more advancement of society and regional significance aChina just what HKU wants to achieve. Therefore, I want to study at Hong Kong University and become a critical thinker, ready to embrace diversity and seek to make an impact on society.
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Oct 17, 2014   #2
life in Chiang Mai before I left on my trip
Children in Chiang Mai were like pure angels, they were not like urban kids; no jealousy, no greed. Replace the striked portion with they had no jealousy and no greed unlike kids from urban backgrounds

typically the community are lack of structural functionalism. Replace striked portion with is the lack of
I believe both Hong Kong and China have culturally integrated community. Replace striked portion with has a
Otherwise really interesting essay keep up the good work.
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Oct 17, 2014   #3
Thank you so much!

and I have a question .. as you can see my ps just used simple words, do you think I have to reword some?

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