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I was born and raised in a small town called Sardinia; Cultural Autobiography

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Aug 10, 2013   #1
So I need help as I think I am going away form the topic here. Any help would greatly be appreciated. Thank you in advance. I am running out of ideas as sell and still need about 4 1/2 pages. I will attach the guidelines as well.

For this paper, your own life is the topic. Think about what communities you belong to and
which one (or possibly two that are connected) have had the most influence on who you
are. In this narrative essay, you will need to tell stories to weave together who you are. The
autobiography should reflect how you fit into a larger community and how that
community helps you see yourself as an individual. You can be inventive here. I've seen
really good papers about students' majors/profession, being involved in a sport or hobby,
living in a small town, and being the "new kid" if he or she moved frequently.
You may, if you like, also research a bit about your cultural background; perhaps your
family is proud of its ethnic heritage and you want to investigate where your ancestors are
from. Or perhaps you changed churches from the religion you were raised into something
else, but you want to understand more about why one denomination worked better for
you than another; you could find out more about one or both denominations' beliefs or
Please note that paper should NOT be an overview of your life but a focused narrative
about which group or community you belong to that has had a strong influence on who
you are.
Length: at least 8 pages

Cultural Autobiography Essay

I was born and raised in a small town called Sardinia, Ohio and I was fortunate to be exposed to a small town farm community. Growing up here has bestowed all the core values I have today. Growing up in southern Appalachian Ohio has instilled in me values such as integrity, hard work ethic and honesty. The values I have I can't really say I have been taught them, as it was just a way of life for the community and my family. My community has played a major role in shaping who I am today, especially my neighborhood. Looking around my neighborhood, you don't see BMW's, Porsche, Mercedes Benz, or even a Prius, you don't see suits and ties and fancy hair and nails you see tractors, Ford and Chevrolet trucks, you see stained jeans and tees from years of hard work. My community isn't very large nor is it rich in money, but my community is large and rich in love for thy neighbor and its work ethic. We don't have traffic, buses, or high crime rate what we do have is hard working men and women farmers who do what must be done to make ends meet. It is within this community that I was born and raised and molded into what I am today.

As I thought about this essay the question I thought of most was "Who in my life has had a significant role that has changed me?" Leonard Planck, my grandfather, was my inspiration; he was a very strong, loving, caring, kind man. At an early age I learned what hard work was and how to keep everything in order through him. In our community my grandfather was the man anyone could go to for help. Everyone knew Leonard as a man who cared for his neighbor; he always made time for anyone that needed his help. Some people could think ties to the church may have made him who he was, but I know that my grandfather's personality was the way it was by nature he loved life and everything in it no matter what. He was an active leader on the community township and he always organized community gatherings and meetings. When I was younger my grandfather taught me how to drive a tractor; this was one of my favorite memories of him when I was young. The conversations, stories, and morals I learned while riding on that tractor with him I will never forget. I considered my grandfather like a father to me. One occasion I remember with him was when we were scaling the tobacco plants to make sure everything was okay, we were half way through when he stopped the tractor, "Leonard he said. Yes grandfather I said. "One day this will all be yours and I intend on you passing it down to your son and he doing the same." Yes sir I replied. "For you see we are farmers he said. My dad was a farmer, my grandfather was a farmer, and this is just what we do. The Planck's have been living on this land for 100 years now and I want to keep it that way you understand?" Yes sir. I said. I could see in my grandfathers eyes that his hard work, sweat, blood and tears had made this farm what it was today and at that moment I knew I would always be attached to the farm and everything on it through my grandfathers passion for it. When my grandfather became ill in January of 2010 I was struck with the realization that no one lives forever and that we must all die sometime. One day close to his death he made everyone leave the room so he and I could have one last conversation together and watch a reds game as we always did together as much as possible. I'll never forget our conversation but one part of it really sticks in my mind till this day. Leonard my boy I don't have much time left here he said. Yes you do don't say that I started. No he snapped back I don't and I need you to know that I love you and I need you to be strong for your grandmother and look after her after I go and help take care of the farm. I will always be looking down on you and

I want you to know I will always be looking out for you. Yes sir I said as the tears began to pour as I hugged him tight. He passed two days later and I shut down emotionally for several days. At my grandfathers funeral I remember the lines stretching for what seemed like miles, the funeral home was packed with crying women and even crying men, it was at this moment I realized what an impact my grandfather had on the people around him. He had not only impacted my life he had impacted everyone's life he came in contact with. It was at this point I remember looking up in the sky and saying "I love you gramps you will be missed." After grandfathers funeral I swore to be a better person and be just like him. My grandfather's death helped me become who I am today and shaped my presence in my community. I wanted to keep my grandfathers morals and values going in the community. I signed up for every community service event I could find to get in better touch with the community. I helped organize 5k's for scholarships in his name. Service to others was modeled and taught to me from my grandfather and I wanted to keep that going. To say my grandfather has transformed me would be past tense because I am still learning and growing everyday but the morals and values he bestowed onto me and the community around him have shaped who we are today.

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Aug 14, 2013   #2
This is really great writing. But, the only thing i can tell, that it is too long. All expressions are amazing. I would give you a full mark, if i were the person who evaluate this article and Newspaper :P .

Good luck in what you are doing and wish you all the best

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