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My brother's influence on me; TEXAS App/ Person who impacted my life

vadalis 4 / 12  
Dec 24, 2012   #1
Write an essay in which you tell us about someone who has made an impact on your life and explain how and why this person is important to you.

As children, I was always doted on the most and my brother was the one who shouldered all the responsibility. He took the blame for my shenanigans too from my parents. 'You should be teaching your brother good behavior Raghuram!!' echoed the voice of my father while I just stood there with my best 'i-don't-know-anything' face. He was expected to be perfect with a lot of responsibility on him but he took it like a man. It was harsh on him but he learnt to push aside his feelings and get the job done from a very young age.

Naturally, he went very hard on me. He believed in a life with morals and values. Integrity was more than just a word for him. If I was not in the right frame of mind, if I was on the wrong page, if I took unknown liberties with my life or strayed the wrong way, he was always there, out of nowhere. I fought against him and detested this 'life of morals'. It didn't appeal to a boy who never felt the pinch of Life.

Looking back though, he was pivotal in my life. In a world where it is so easy to get lost, he provided the steel in my character and resilience in my nature. I learnt that it takes more than a dream to succeed in Life. It takes sacrifices and tremendous hard work. Like my brother always told me,' to get some things in life, you need to give up some things.' I have come a long way from a care free kid but I will never forget that nor will I forget the influence he had on me as a brother.

jangirashok 3 / 8 4  
Dec 24, 2012   #2
As children,

In my childhood,



my best 'i-don't-know-anything' fac

my best innocent face...

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