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Brown Short Answer (Anticipated Degree and Academic Interest)

essayhelp 4 / 8  
Dec 28, 2009   #1
Why are you drawn to the academic fields you indicated in the Anticipated Degree and Academic Interest questions above?

(I put undecided for both Anticipated Degree and Academic Interest.
I am very interested in science, but not quite sure what exact field I will follow)

Heres my short answer:

I was first drawn to science after watching a movie called The Elegant Universe in my freshman year physics class. This movie taught me that through science, humankind is capable of unraveling some of the many mysteries of the universe. Science is intriguing to me because it is a source of discovery and imagination with infinite potential. After realizing how much I enjoyed physics and science, I decided to take engineering and partook in a project called Project Lead the Way. In this project I helped design and construct a solar powered water purifier which was sent to sanitize water in Haiti. This class and especially this project showed me how applicable and essential science is to the real world. After taking physics, engineering, biology, and chemistry my passion for scientific discovery grew. Although I am unsure what specific discipline I will follow within the realm of science, I am certain that my passions lie in this area. I am confident that the variety of programs and open curriculum at Brown will help me refine and locate my anticipated degree and academic interest.

This short answer is supposed to be 1000 characters max and this is 1096. Could someone tell me what they think and help me make it under 1000. Thanks
owls 8 / 33  
Dec 28, 2009   #2
Something like this?

The Elegant Universe. It was, to many, yet another movie in freshman physics. But to me, it was the start of a beautiful romance, the beginning of my fascination with science, as I gazed in awe at the possibility of unraveling great mysteries of the universe through science. I became intrigued by science, this source of discovery with infinite potential. I began to soak in as much as possible, taking an engineering class and partaking in a project called Project Lead the Way. I was able to design and construct a solar-powered water purifier, which was sent to sanitize water in Haiti. This experience opened my eyes to the essentiality of science in the world. Many science classes later and my passion for scientific discovery is still on the rise. I have yet to choose a discipline in this wide realm, but I am certain that my future lies on this path. Through a careful utilization of the open curriculum at Brown, I hope to refine and locate the perfect degree for me.

It's 979 characters.
srandhawa 10 / 157  
Dec 28, 2009   #3
for such a short essay, i dont know if a movie is a great idea, that prob is a genuine reason for wanting to do it, but you have to go into depth about the movie and how it influenced how and changed your views and you dont have enough space to do that, but its kind of hard for me to tell you what to change, i feel like you could give a little more powerful description of the essay and make it a bit more vivid.

btw what school are you applying to in brown, are you doing PLME or engineering? If not, what do you mark on the application because i am really confused, im looking at bio, but i dont want to do PLME, so i dont know what to mark and whether there are any addiotional essays. DO you know if i apply for engineering that i have to go to that school and do engineering if i end up getting in like it is in most schools, or can you still go to other schools within brown? Thanks alot

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