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Why Brown? Essay: "Freedom, Challenge, Writing, Diversity, and Providence"

SilverKnight 15 / 55 4  
Dec 23, 2013   #1
Will gladly accept any kind of criticism.

Why Brown?

Brown is the point of equilibrium where freedom to explore meets discipline and rigor. On one hand, you have one of its defining qualities, an open curriculum that allows students to follow whichever path they desire. On the other hand, you have the extremely high level of challenge that's expected of an Ivy League school. I feel that these two traits will give me the opportunity to truly find out what I want to do with my future and forge a base for a highly successful life. However, Brown has many more things that make it a desirable place for me. Strangely enough, even something as simple as the writing requirement attracts me. For many years now, writing has been one my passions and Brown's commitment to the craft makes it seem that much better. Also, on the website, I counted over a hundred countries that are represented in the student body. I'll have to admit, the prospect of sharing a room with someone who grew up on the other side of the world is quite intriguing. Lastly, I've always wanted to see what life on the East Coast is like and Providence looks like a good place to start.
collegebound246 1 / 2  
Dec 23, 2013   #2
I really like your supplement! It's well structured. One thing I want to comment on though is your last sentence. It seems a bit vague. Why is Providence a good place to start? For example, you could maybe talk about Brown's location next to the downtown area if you're interested in that.
OP SilverKnight 15 / 55 4  
Dec 23, 2013   #3
Honestly, that last sentence was cut short due to the 200 word limit, so I did what I could with it. Do you think it takes away from the essay? If so, then I could change it.

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