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'building the life skills and a work ethic' - Why Harvey Mudd

Could I get suggestions/advice for this essay? Thanks!
Prompt: What influenced you to apply to Harvey Mudd College? What about the HMC curriculum and community appeals to you?

While growing up, I have been in both large public schools and small private schools. Although there were a few advantages to attending a large school, I realized that the close, tightly knit community that was found in smaller schools was what I wanted. I really appreciate the fact that Harvey Mudd offers such an excellent school setting for its size. I know that because of this small size, I will get to know each of my professors and other students on a level that I would not be able to compare with at any other school. Not only that, but an entire school filled with the same passions that I have for math and science will make my education at Harvey Mudd an amazing experience.

In my eagerness to learn more about what an education at Harvey Mudd can provide for me, I visited Harvey Mudd during the Discovery Day. The more classrooms and laboratories I walked through, the more I fell in love with the school. Before attending the Discovery Day, I had the belief that because Harvey Mudd is a smaller school, then it would not be able to offer as much. On the contrary, I discovered that Harvey Mudd offers so much more. The opportunities Harvey Mudd provides through the amount of classes, clubs, and activities is limitless. When I found out how all five of the Claremont Colleges work together, I was confident that there was nothing that a large university could offer me that Harvey Mudd and the other Claremont Colleges could not. During the time I was there, I was amazed by how much time the professors have for the students. At most other schools, the professors are too busy with research or so focused on graduate students. At Harvey Mudd, I can get the face to face interactions with well-respected professors that I would not be able to receive anywhere else.

When I learned about Core Curriculum, I realized I will not be lacking in any of education from the wide variety of classes that are required. My interest in math and science has been profound, and I want to develop that using the tools that Harvey Mudd will provide me with.

As I grow older, I have realized that life is not centered around just going through college and getting my degree, but rather that it is about building the life skills and a work ethic that will impact me for the rest of my life. After coming out of Harvey Mudd, I will be a much stronger problem solver, have many many people in my life that I can rely on, and help others with the skills I develop. While I am searching for my lifelong career, Harvey Mudd will provide me with the greatest opportunities for a better life.

A well focused essay, and I don't see much problems with grammar or style.
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