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"Building a shed and building a future"---Essay Response to Why I'm transferring

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Oct 21, 2011   #1
University application essay must answer why I am transferring and what are the objectives I hope to achieve...Here goes.

Last summer my father made the decision to build a shed and organize his garage. For me, this meant I would spend countless hours outside while temperatures and humidity were reaching record highs. Instead of relaxing with time off from school and work, I'd be hammering away at wooden planks until my hands became numb. I kept saying to myself, my father picked a perfect time for this. I remained optimistic, and thought of the benefits this might have. One day I'll build my own shed and have the pleasure of forcing my kids to help. The experience with my father and building the shed is significant for two reasons. My father wanted me to learn how to build and discover the importance of focus and discipline. More importantly, he helped me realize that building a shed can be compared to building your future. I've noticed three similarities with both. One must gather all the tools necessary to begin, establish a good foundation, and reflect upon the completed work. How successful you are will depend on the foundation that you start with.

The tools I have for setting up my future include my experiences and knowledge. Every job I've held whether related to my studies or not has provided me with experiences that have influenced my way of thinking. Being a cashier at a local chain store has boosted my speed in making mental calculations. Serving people at a restaurant has given me the opportunity to become less anxious when dealing with people. These are just a few of many examples. The knowledge I've acquired over the past two years studying Nuclear Energy Technology has helped me in my current position at a nuclear facility. Working as a temporary nuke worker, I can relate what I see in the nuclear plant to what I've studied. I'm not intimidated by the loud and complex machines because I understand their purpose and function. The courses I've taken over the last two years have given me enough understanding of the plant where I can fully appreciate my role as a nuke worker. The skills I learned from previous jobs have helped me indirectly with school. The education I received studying N.E.T. has directly helped with the position I currently have. These are few of the tools I will use to set up my future as a civil engineering student.

With the tools ready, the next step is to establish a secure foundation. How I establish my foundation will impact who I meet, how I handle certain situations, what I accomplish, and my overall success. My foundation will be based upon the education I receive from transferring to University of Delaware. I believe that the UD will introduce me to a knowledgeable faculty who can effectively teach and demonstrate what they know with real world applications. The university will bring me closer to students from around the world creating a diverse environment where I learn more of other students' lifestyles and discover what makes us different . Satisfying the university's breadth requirements will help me become more informed and capable of making better decisions. Finally, the rigors of the engineering program will prepare me to become a successful engineer that will meet and exceed the demands of today's society.

The final step is to reflect on what's been accomplished. After having completed my education at the University of Delaware I would've established a network of people on whom I can always count on for professional advice or for future projects. I'd become involved with several internships and have already gained experience outside the classroom. The greatest success for me would come when I understand all the things we take for granted. I'd understand how roads are made, how bridges work, what keeps structures from falling, how traffic systems work. If my father ever needed to build another shed, I could use my skills to make the shed fit all the tools he'd ever need and construct it in the most efficient way possible. Eventually I'd return to the nuclear plant and work with other engineers to develop a safer environment for the community.

Once my father and I completed our shed we both stood in the shade and took a good look at what we've built. Eventually we finished with the heat and humidity working against us. We were both proud to see a decent sized shed that was built without prior knowledge of construction. Through hard work and trial and error our project was finally complete. The feeling of satisfaction came for both of us when we locked the door to our finished shed with all of our tools inside. Anytime I needed a reminder of why I should work hard and persist, I would look through the window and admire the shed.

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Oct 21, 2011   #2
Any help with the above is greatly appreciated.
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Oct 24, 2011   #3
Hello Antonios,

This essay will get you into UDEL, however, it is not really strong. You talk nothing about the resources of UDEL. You mention the staff briefly, but most colleges with this type of program will also have knowledgeable staff. What makes UD special? What are some of the unique resources there. Once you answer and incorporate these things into your essay, it will be much stronger. -admissions essay advice
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Oct 28, 2011   #4
thank you,...I changed what you mentioned and a lot of other things. Thx for your advice.

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