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Business Administration/Economics (major) + Youth Exchange (experience)

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I need to cut back my words in the first promp by around 160. And need some feedback. Thank You

What is your intended major? Discuss how your interest in the subject developed and describe any experience you have had in the field - such as volunteer work, internships and employment, participation in student organizations and activities - and what you have gained from your involvement.

All interest has a source, and mine in relation to Business Administration/Economics dates back to an early age. I grew up in a small and isolated Mexican town with a population of about three-thousand. In this environment, my options to business were strictly limited, but yet I was raised within a family-owned food stand. In fact, this food-stand, small as it sounds, provided me with the skills to assume greater responsibilities towards its management. At 15, I was already seizing total control of the business at my parent's absence. From administrative to financial matters, my duties included but were not limited to: accounting, employee management and assets allocation, these in addition to food preparation, cooking, serving and even cleaning.

This, as my first hand-experience in the field, awakened my curiosity to understand how the global nature of business operates, how is it being driven forward and what does it takes to push it forward. I came to realize that if I was to answer such questions I needed to scale new heights; consequently, I came to the United States to complete my High School education. Upon my arrival, adaption became the hardest movement, but it was not impossible. I strived at my parent's absence and stood the pressure learning a second language generated. Satisfactorily, I gained incorporation into the State-required academic level within six months of my arrival.

Despite these difficulties and with the help of my enthusiastic instructors and friends, I soon felt established into the new system and ready to carry on my goals to the next level. It was my passion of furthering my education what led me to compete and obtain the Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange Scholarship, a one year pass to the German High School system. What once again seemed unattainable, considering I had just been in the United States for two years, turned in fact into a pure accomplishment where my benefits tripled. I became conscious of my eagerness towards languages and cultural appreciation by acquiring full exposure to today's 5th world's largest economy, Germany. During this process, I discovered I had a vocation and talent for Business Administration/Economics, therefore the pursuing of not only a Bachelors degree but a Masters.

After my return from Europe, I enrolled at Butte College with the ultimate dream of transferring to a prestigious Four-Year University where knowledge, talents, and experience are to be put into practice. Courses such as Intro to Business, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics and Accounting facilitated my economic understanding from an analytic and numeric point of view. Their content enhanced my concentration, strategic planning and problem solving skills; subsequently, I realized not just academic understanding is needed therefore I decided to combine my interests and abilities to expand my education beyond the undergraduate level.

During the summer of 2009 I began my engagement by interning with the Butte College Center for International Trade Development, a program that facilitates local businesses the instruction of how to bring their products beyond the national market. My duties were marked by researching the history of the Chico and Oroville Foreign Trade Zones and what led to their spontaneous inactivity. From interviews to phone calls and emails, I compiled my information into a report that is now to be used as a reference for inquiries in regards to the local FTZ's history. In addition, I was delightful my Spanish was of use in translating an agricultural terms dictionary that was/is to be given to Hispanic migrant workers for the overcoming of the language barrier that affects their daily work routines.

Indeed, by being in close contact with the Butte College CITD, I became linked to a temporary field-related job with Country Connections. This company which embraces the buying and reselling of used wine barrels, executed my first insight into an international market. As an Interpreter and Marketer my obligations implied the concretion of business relations with top-executives from world known Spanish and Latin-American wine makers such as: Concha y Toro, Rioja and Mendoza just to name a few. I could not believe my contributions were taking value as I, along with the owner, was coordinating: barrel quantities to be bought, offers to be made, payment methods to be taken and transportation/importation terms to be followed. At this point, my business perspectives became broadened and refined driving me to set International Business as my concentration.

Upon my employment termination, I quickly sought for more opportunities within the established field. I came to interview as an Ag Exporter with Ekland Marketing Company of California (EMCOCAL) which embodies the exportation of strawberry plants to over 45 countries throughout the world. During the interview process, I was shocked I was being technically hired until I pointed out I was pursing acceptance at a UC system. It was then I was told it was not going to work out unless I was to stay in the area. For a second it became a tough decision, but I had to let the opportunity go and chase my academic dream. Now that my goal is established, I seek to become a professional business leader and assist in projects that will benefit our ways of trading. I want to be a motivation for other Hispanic residents and prove to them that in this land with determination, desire and ambition "Si se puede."

Tell us about a personal quality, talent, accomplishment, contribution or experience that is important to you. What about this quality or accomplishment makes you proud and how does it relate to the person you are?

Having participated in the Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange is one of the most important accomplishments I feel proud of. As an individual who seeks new experiences and challenges, I exposed myself to the influence of an elitist academic culture where I was pushed to rely on myself and cope with difficulties on my own. In Germany, I came to exist in a completely unfamiliar environment. Psychologically I had no way back so I persevered to the educational challenges I was to confront by excessively enrolling in outside-school German introductory courses to accelerate the language and culture understanding.

During this period, I was host to a German Family that treated me as one of their own. We connected so quick that we still remain in close touch. I am glad they imposed the prohibition of English speaking at home because this is how from absolute zero knowledge of the language, I intrepidly climbed to an intermediate understanding and within six months, I was astonished I was able to at least defend myself with complete arguments. Having grasped the aspect of the language made my integration a lot simpler and added a multitude of friends to my social network. I learned to live from the everyday battles; therefore, I consider this experience my biggest achievement. Here, I gained an international perspective not only by living in Germany but also by traveling throughout Europe. I proved to myself that by having developed courage and confidence I can go as far as I want. In Germany I came to learn and fully agree that "It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable that survives."

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