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Business is the blood of the nation's economy. GKS personal statement - business administration

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GKS personal statement - business administration

In today's world, Business is the blood of the nation's economy. It is vital because it provides both jobs and goods that help the country grow and develop its communities. Both of my parents graduated from the University of San Jose Recoletos, a prominent and competitive university in Cebu, obtaining the same degree of Bachelor of Science in electronics and communications engineering. I am the eldest among the siblings of three. Being the eldest, I know the responsibilities affiliated to me. The weight of being the eldest is evident and puts a lot of pressure. This motivates me to strive harder in achieving my goals and dreams.

I grew up in a simple yet happy family. As the firstborn, I saw the struggles, problems, and relief all of us shared and have been through, but I am still thankful that we remain intact. Since kindergarten, I have been a consistent achiever. I am not bragging, but my name has never been outside of the top 20 ranks among the class. My parents enrolled my siblings and me in a private institution near our home. We go off to school by walking because it's just a kilometer away. Since we are enrolled in a private school, the problem of money and payments never distances itself from us. There is a monthly examination at our institution, and it requires you to pay the tuition fee every month for the exam and miscellaneous. On the test day, my parents sometimes do come short, and as a result, they weren't able to pay for it. The school's office then summons me, asking for an explanation. I then explained to them that my parents assured me of paying the due next month. It was hilarious because I am not the only one in our class being summoned sometimes. These experiences taught me how to value the privilege of education given to me by my parents. Although, they still run short sometimes and also struggle when it comes to money. I never heard any complaints from them: instead, they didn't stop themselves from making our lives comfortable. And I thank them for that. Furthermore, because I was also a grantee of ESC, a government financial assistance to students enrolled in a private institution, it also helped us financially.

Even before Elementary, I began engaging myself in different extra-curricular activities. When I was in my 3rd grade, I joined DBC or drum and bugle corps. As a lyrist. As a member of DBC, you need to balance academics and extra-curricular activities. As a result, I carefully adjusted and made my time management table to be able to cope. Joining the drum and bugle corps., It made me discover a new version of myself. I realized that I could multitask and do things beyond what I knew. Since then, I have joined different competitions at school both for fun and passion. I started listing myself to compete as the representative of the school at the School's Press conference. Luckily, I got the chance to compete as the school's representative more than twice, both in elementary and Junior High school. I won once at the district meet and competed in the City level of the competition.

During my Junior High school, I developed the sense and passion of becoming a public servant. I entered Senior High school as a Humanities and Social Sciences student not because I didn't want mathematics but because I was already set on pursuing a degree that caters to my aspiration and passion for public serving and governance. I thought that Senior High school would be just the same level as Junior High school, but I was wrong. The Senior year is a lot different. It was chill and relaxed during the junior years: It was much more intense and pressured throughout the senior years. You should have great discipline and balance if you want to join any extra-curricular activities because the academic loads and requirements vary.

I consider myself as an interchangeable ambivert and omnivert. I do socialize one day, but the next day I go silent and shy. I am kind of not an approachable-looking person but trust me; I am friendly and approachable. I can even become the craziest version if you are close to me. Being a student who balances academics and extracurricular, I enveloped and opted to strive harder to achieve the result I wanted. As a result, I received several awards at School's research congress.

When I graduated, a new chapter awaited, and I needed to decide which path I would take. It was a tough decision for me to make. I know once you choose a college degree and enroll yourself. You cannot turn back. Turning back is like wasting money and time. You need to have a large amount for you to be able to shift course. One day, a new struggle emerged; one member of my family was hospitalized and needed to be admitted to a hospital. I saw how my mom struggled with finance. The starting of a new school year was also about to start. I was also hesitant about the path I would take. But then, a blessing in disguise just happened. Because I decided not to enroll myself for the first semester, my dream of finishing my tertiary education abroad was to conceptualize again. I saw the notice for the GKS program for incoming undergraduate students who wish to study and get a degree abroad. At first, I doubted myself if I would finish all the documents and requirements needed. Days went on, and I couldn't get off my mind about the scholarship. I then realized something; if you don't build your dreams, someone will hire you to build theirs, Tony Gaskin once said.

As days passed by, I found myself arranging the requirements and documents needed for the program. I was also torn about what degree to pursue. Back when I was in grade 11, I had three different dreams and goals I planned to pursue one by one. It was pursuing a degree in political science, becoming an actor, which sounds hilarious, and establishing my own business. The deadline for the program is fast approaching. I weighed the possible outcomes and results of the path I would take every single day. I finally decided to pursue a degree in Business administration. I did not choose this degree just because I wanted to be practical. I sought and selected this degree because I want my family to experience a more comfortable life after I graduate, but not just that, I also feel the urge to establish a competitive Filipino owned company that will par with the best in the region and the world just like Samsung and Hyundai. Moreover, I want to build a company or business that will provide job opportunities for every Filipino who wants to give a comfortable life to their family.

Finally, being able to experience a different kind of assistance from the government further fortify my awareness of the responsibilities and task of a scholar grantee. The GKS program provides an excellent opportunity for me to gain knowledge and expertise, experience something new, and discover things I didn't know I was capable of. If given a chance to be selected as a GKS recipient, I will use this platform further to understand Korean culture, lifestyle, and traditions. I want to experience how South Korea emerged into one of the most developed and essential nations globally. I want to gain knowledge and experience on how Korean companies could break through and be one of the best in the world. I hope to understand different unique cultures better while forming meaningful ties, relations, and connections.

Thank you for your time and consideration in offering this prestigious scholarship. I would appreciate and look forward to transforming my dreams into reality with you.
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Oct 10, 2021   #2
In today's world, Business is the blood of the nation's economy. ... develop its communities.

This sentence is mether a motivation nora family background reference. Aat let's down the reviewer who is expecting to read a strong overall motivation paragraph because the next part does not relate to the statement. It would be better to remove this umeloled sentence as deleting it will leave a clearer paragraph presentation. The other option will be to build a more appropriate overall motivation paragraph around it. A stand- alone paragraph. It is your choice.

This motivates me to strive harder in achieving my goals and dreams.

The problem, like I previously mentioned, is the disconnectedmotivation presentation.

I am not bragging

Then please don't brag because you are. Make sure to avoid implied bragging references. Reviewers prefer humble candidates who show humility in the face of success.

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