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janeth 3 / 16  
Jan 3, 2012   #1
an experience that has shaped my life


I was experiencing my typical training session in the Inspire Africa project. Surrounded with cameras, yet another famed entrepreneur wholly captivated the east African cream in a business-minded tęte-ŕ-tęte; and occasionally lost me. I raised my hand up... again.

This was expected. I was among professionals, from a Rwandese CEO to a Kenyan consultant. Lessons of marketing or cost control were new to me and an occupation to them. A high school graduate at nineteen; I was "the spectacle". My success in the auditions dimmed. My confidence in waving the Tanzania underdogs' flag and my tourism business was crumpling. I was a weakening representative, watched by millions in a show similar to the Apprentice, with flair of local culture. Still, I wasn't deterred.

In delegation of roles, I chose risky, productive responsibilities. In the fruit selling task, it was negotiating. I plunged into the unfamiliar Owino open-air market. I squeezed between the sea of people to the fruit section. I chose a stand that displayed lush fruits coming into season. As the vendor briskly served her customers, I loudly complimented her dress. She gazed at me. I excitedly greeted "jebaleko nyabho". Evoking words from a guide, I bargained. With my amusing efforts I left with produce worth 82,000 less 48,000 Ugandan shillings. I'd mastered marketplace shopping, something so quintessentially Luganda. Since I recommended the cultural flavored brand, I lightly salted pineapples, as others packaged the fruits. Our group dynamics mirrored our sales. Gaston sang as I danced. We won by a 200% sale margin. I had engineered our success.

I tackled all projects, living the "Why" conundrum. Consequently, I made safe decisions. On the KCB bank task to create a loan-able proposal, I advised parking lots and big buses in Dar-es-salaam. We won owing to a stable security and solution to the transport problem. I also triumphed with unpopular decisions. Rwandair charged me to lead a route management consultancy. I chose Accra as the Sky interior's destination in the face of better cities. I relied on Ghana's security and our flight schedules in which departures molded into arriving times of air-traffic at Kigali and Kotoko airports.

Inspire Africa experience steeped me culturally. My teammates transformed me to an east African breed. Clairyce named me Ndagijimana in Rwandese and Ochanda taught me Luo. My experiences deepened with travel. In Kigali, a memorial centre transported me to genocide, opening the graves beneath me in films and displays of skulls. Still, my lesson was the daring spirit of a healing society through Omuganda- communal work. I led the Inspire Africa to join the Kimihurura residents in digging a trench. A spade struck down .The trench got deeper with my resolve to serve through service.

The exploration of careers has left me a better entrepreneur, and the unanswered questions, an interest in a business academic experience. I struggle my tongue around matoke with willingness to learn diversity. As the show airs I am a celebrated finalist representing hope of east African integration and gradual development of youth.


doctorgirl222 4 / 7  
Jan 3, 2012   #2
Your essay has great content. In the second paragraph you jump around a little switching from your adventures in the market place to your business success. This is a little confusing, so I would suggest creating a new paragraph.

Also, it would be helpful to the reader if you defined exactly what Inspire Africa is in the first paragraph and what you were doing there. I like how you incorporate the culture you learned into the Essay though, it's very original!
OP janeth 3 / 16  
Jan 3, 2012   #3
thank you!!!! i thought i would reflect INSPIRE AFRICA from a show similar to the apprentince...not that expressive eh?
banjofood 2 / 3  
Jan 4, 2012   #4
Great essay! I kind of agree with doctorgirl also. In the first paragraph I am lost thinking about what Inspire Africa is about. Try to explain that a bit more.

Sorry I couldn't be of much more help.
GraceTaylorWei 12 / 41  
Jan 4, 2012   #5
wholly captivated the east African cream <-- "Dream"?
A high school graduate at nineteen; I was "the spectacle" <-- no semi-colon, comma
steeped me culturally <-- "steep" may not be best word

Overall great essay :) Good luck!
saurabh93 11 / 94  
Jan 4, 2012   #6
This is a very nice essay, but you should make clear exactly how the participation relates to you.
Please help me with mine.
OP janeth 3 / 16  
Jan 4, 2012   #7
saurabh93 exactly how..you lost me!!
soufianelaouad 3 / 29  
Jan 5, 2012   #8
I believe it is a great essay, and i hope the people of Africa really sparked a new fire in you.
People in America are sometimes really ungrateful I hope u learned someting
btw great essay
Check out mine i made the corrections that u told me
can u please edit it