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business as a lucrative idea Umich essay- Unique qualities

daredevil 1 / 1  
Jan 17, 2018   #1
My dreams are both far and immediate. Somewhat distant are the peaks of parenthood and my professional contributions towards the economy of the world. My more immediate dreams, however, encompass newfound relationships and intellectual stimuli that I hope to find at the University of Michigan. Gaining admittance to the university will enable me to construct a vast web of knowledge woven to catch opportunities in order to enact positive change in the world.

Some of my ideas on marketing have developed through my own learning and volunteer experience helping out a small trade business- Nnamoko co. After witnessing the short-lived nature of the company, owing to the economic recession in Nigeria, I vowed to become an economist who will do anything to prevent a repeat of such economic downturn my country once experienced. However, I recognize that the world outside Nigeria is huge, and I need to study at an institution known for its leading-edge teaching of marketing and its access to well-known researchers, so I believe the University of Michigan is the place to start. At this college, I would be able to satisfy my interests of pursuing a bachelor of science in Business management which would best enable me to achieve my goal.

Studying at the University of Michigan will equip me with useful skills for my future, ranging from general business knowledge and analysis to marketing and finance. What makes this college a special place to learn is the environment: constantly teaching and inspiring its students to become self-aware of the world around them and the businesses that function in it. The department of arts and science offers a college-wide curriculum discussion that engages the students, faculty and staff, from all courses, in an open conversation about the ways in which graduation requirements reflect and support its mission. Such level of interaction and cooperation are essential factors perfect for me to grasp the true nature of economics and eventually create a better economy.

Business is not just a money-making venture; rather, I see it as a very creative and imaginative enterprise that brings innovation to the world. Great businesses were sparked by great ideas, and even the simple ones took some degree of imagination. Accordingly, I believe the University of Michigan provides this creative community that no other institution has.

The degree from Michigan University will provide me with a strong foundation of skills and a framework for thinking creatively and strategically to solve problems and create a massive impression on the society. I seek to capture the global financial market and become an elite in the field of investment. By stepping into the rich academic, cultural, and social opportunities of the Umich community, I am certain that I will be able to generate huge impacts on society both during my time at the university and thereafter. Owing to this, the University of Michigan is my preferred choice because I believe they can guide my path towards the liberation of the microeconomics in my country, and further the macroeconomics throughout the world.

Please be very harsh if need be

Holt - / 7,546 2001  
Jan 17, 2018   #2
Kene, I don't see any relation between your essay and the topic of unique qualities. What you wrote is a personal statement that shows the development of your interest in business and why you chose to study at UMich, if admitted. There as nothing extraordinary about this presentation. There is nothing notable about your interest in business, your skills, or your interests. I am thinking that you either wrote the wrong prompt title (unique qualities) and you have to clarify what the prompt is or, you misunderstood the information required when you said you have to write about your unique qualities.

Unique qualities normally refer to something special about you in line with your interest in business. For example, maybe you sold your first app on Google Playstore at the age of 12. That would be something unique and show an early interest in business, in a progressive manner. Or maybe, you have taken some business courses and excelled in those classes? I am really unsure about what unique qualities you should be mentioning specifically because you did not provide the original prompt with your essay. I can only give you standard advice regarding expected elements of the essay without it. Please don't forget to post the prompt for your future essays should you decide to seek advice from us.
OP daredevil 1 / 1  
Jan 17, 2018   #3

i'm so sorry i wrote the wrong prompt title
the topic is what are the unique qualities that attract you to this university
its just a "why umich" essay
Holt - / 7,546 2001  
Jan 18, 2018   #4
Kene, I was granted special permission to come back and give you advice for the correct prompt as you delivered it in your response. The essay that you wrote doesn't really give me the impression that you have considered what makes UMich unique in line with your academic needs and professional goals. Sure you are a potential business major. Yes, you have experience with a failed business. You have ideas that make you clear about what kind of business person you will be in the future. These are all about you, not about UMich and the prompt requirements. Therefore, you will need to write a new essay. One that is more attuned to the possible required information that the reviewer will be interested in knowing about.

The Ross School of Business motto is "Developing leaders who make a positive difference in the world". This motto is unique to UMich so I suggest that you develop your essay around this motto. Look at their website and try to understand the unique qualities of the school of business and the graduates of the school. Consider an in-depth review of the school of business in the About section of the university website. Reading the information there should help you explain the unique qualities of the university that attracted you in the first place.

Since our admin was kind enough to allow you a second free advice, we hope that you will pay us back by participating in the forum and giving your own advice and analysis to the other users here. The forum functions in a "pay it forward" capacity" so that everyone gets the help that they need. Thanks.

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