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Mar 19, 2021   #1
As my university demands both PS and SOP, I divided that in PS I would talk about how I fit the program and the motivation to study business while in SOP I would focus on the reason why I chose their program and school, what is my future plan.

Please comment if you think I need to add any more information, the limit is maximum 3 pages.

Since I was in primary school, I have been promoted to be the leader of a particular team, vice-monitor, or monitor almost every year. Those opportunities played an important role in my leadership time. I have gradually been interested in organizing and giving suitable tasks for each member of my class. I love the way management and leadership can help each member in a team be better and together gain success. Therefore, I decided to study Business Management at university.

In addition, when I nearly failed to raise funds for a campaign that my club organized to help a student who suffered from a tragic accident, I realized how a lack of online marketing can cause huge damage to a business. As the world is more and more developing with the rise of technology, I believe it is beneficial to apply more technology into business to ensure accuracy as well as boost the popularity of products. This urges me to study deeper the way to add technology into business and it is my glad to find that the Business Management course at National Tsing Hua University provides subject such as Technology Marketing or Topics in Management and Technology which will fully satisfy my need for my undergraduate learning.

Besides, as I mentioned in my personal statement, taking part in Diplomacy Simulation organized by the U.S Embassy in Hanoi brought me about a lot of international trade problems such as labor endangerment or counterfeit goods which I find really worth learning. Hence, I chose the International Bachelor Degree program of National Tsing Hua University as it is fully taught in English which will bring me closer to many different students from different cultures in the world. From there, I can learn how other cultures trading and what issues they are facing in the international market.

If I am given the scholarship to participate in your Business Management course, I will spend my first year learning Mandarin, joining extracurricular activities so that I can quickly adapt to the environment and gain more soft skills while ensuring my learning at school. After one year, my goal is to pass the TOCFL B1 test. The second-year will be the time I focus on core courses. Although I am quite strong at leadership and management, I still lack a lot of main business knowledge. Also, as my long-term goal is to run my own business, the class of Professor Zhou Ruxian will help me have an overview of economics and business from which I can define what is the trend of the world's economy, what should I build my own business in the future. Besides, the class of professor Zheng Qifeng and Qiu Wanqian will assist me in the understanding of financial risk management so that I can quickly grasp the whole of problems and come to effective solutions. It will be so wonderful for me if I can follow professors to assist them in their research in my next third and final year to broaden my experience. After graduating from university, if I have a chance I will stay in Taiwan for two more years to work before applying for an MBA degree.

During the time study at your university, I will try my best to participate in some Entrepreneurship Competitions where I will represent as a student of my dear university since I hope to bring the name of National Tsing Hua University higher in the field of business. In addition, I will create my own Youtube and other social networks channel to record my time at National Tsing Hua University so that many more people can see how professional and fantastic your school is.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,535 3447  
Mar 20, 2021   #2
The statement of purpose does include your future professional, not study, plan, based on a presentation of your undergraduate accomplishments, achievements, and research interests. Your professional plans should relate back to your educational background, past and current work experience (research activities if required), and how these have led you to the door of your current interest in this masters course. It should also indicate why you have chosen a particular university (if needed). I do not get a sense of these preparations in your SOP discussion. Since you did not provide me with the prompt requirements as provided by the scholarship program, I am not sure about assessing these information you provided for relevance. It sounds to me like you just guessed as to what information you should be presenting. That should not be the case for the SOP. If no guide topics were provided, you can use the references I gave above for the writing of your new SOP.
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Mar 20, 2021   #3
Thank you so much for your contribution. But as I am a high school student and I'm applying for an undergraduate course, I do not have undergraduate background, research proposal or professional working experience, therefore it's hard for me to indicate those information in my SOP. Do you have any suggestion towards my situation?