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(I want to be a businesswoman) How to write regarding your education goals.

I need help with this topic to apply the university. I have no idea with this topic, I just know that I want to be a businesswoman because It is my parents' job.

Jan 21, 2011   #2
The prompt is asking you what degree do you wanna get. To become a successful businesswoman, you're gonna need to get a MBA and stuff like that. Talk about getting a MBA and how that will help you in the business world. Good Luck!!! :)
Thank you so much ! Now I stuck in the thesis statement :(( Im almost done with the body paragraph but dont know how to make a powerful thesis :(( I need help.
Jan 23, 2011   #4
Write whatever you can and then post it on this thread. I'm sure you'll get some help. :)
You need to read something awesome! Read some articles and books written by experts in business. There are many different philosophies, many different approaches. Read about "creating blue oceans," for example. Google this: blue ocean strategy

You can also read Good to Great by Jim Collins.
I do not have any interest in getting an MBA but I read these because they are SO interesting!!

The books and articles are like the wood for the fire of your essay. No wood, no fire. :-)
Thank you guys, im done with that. Now im writing a paragraph about WORK EXPERIENCE. This is all i wrote but I still need some more sentences. I need help !!

As part of my exchange group experience, I worked at the Fair Scone Booth and Seahawk football concession stand. At the Scone Booth, I was given one job to do and did the same job repeatedly as quickly as I could. At the Seahawk game, I was part of the team that work together to fill customer orders and I was able to do a lot of things. After experiencing both I prefer the type of work that I did at the Seahawk game because I enjoy team work and the variety of job. It will help me to have more opportunity and experience when I work with a team or a group in college or when I have a job. I learned a lot about myself, my work and my life in general.
After experiencing both, I prefer the type of work that I did at the Seahawk game because I enjoy teamwork and the variety of job activities.

You should add a sentence that shows how the insight you gained about what you like to do is going to help you choose classes at this school to which you're applying.

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