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'Butterfly' - acceptance to engineering university- review

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May 1, 2012   #1
One of my favourite insects is the butterfly. I am especially drawn to its ability to transform from an unattractive and unassuming caterpillar trapped in a cocoon into a free and beautiful butterfly. In many ways, I am like the caterpillar in its final stage of development: newly formed butterfly wings ready to break free from the cocoon of obscurity. From the start of a young age my interest in engineering has propelled me towards becoming an engineer ,as I was spellbound by the ability of the skill and profession throughout the systematic, economic, mathematical and practical knowledge, that one has to create and construct structures, machines, systems, and devices. I was inspired by all these facts to become an engineer, But particularly the reason why these facts perspired me is when I migrated to the UK from Trinidad and Tobago as upon walking into the airport the scenery change was dramatic the train stations, seeing people with gadgets every where I turned I could see the work of engineers this instantly stunned me instantaneously. It was as if for this brief moment I was in a trance .The way they all came together how a simple idea in the human brain can develop into magnificent thing such as the grate London bridged, the soon to be Olympics stadium, Ipods' and how all these things contribute to the enhancement of living which inspired me, making me desired to become an engineer to one day create something be a part of a thing so superlative ..

This is why I am confident that I will greatly gain from the Foundation Engineer course studied at your university, but I also believe that I will bring something special to the program. In my eighteen years alive, I have experienced a number of medical and educational difficulties which have matured me beyond my years. I migrated to the UK in September 2008 and did not get accepted into a school until three months later. I stayed out of school for an additional two months when I had a major medical surgery in 2009 to remove lumps found in both my breasts. When I restarted school, my grades dropped and I struggled to catch up in my classes. I could have given up and there were times that I seriously entertained the thought but I thought about the sacrifices that my mother made to get me to the UK and give me a fresh start in life. My grades steadily improving as I was motivated and did not want to use my operation as an excuse and was highly successful in my GCSEs. It is unfortunately in the mid year at my first and second academic year at Christ the King Six Form I encounter further academic obstacles' in 2011 and 2012 I stayed off college on further occasions as I was hospitalized with appendicitis an not too long ago with problem with my ovaries and was unsure if I would be able to apply to university to do engineering but being very determined to succeed I did researched and stumble upon foundation engineering and no longer felt alienated by my past as my grades and attendance significantly drop however My grades are steadily improving and I am ensure cretin that I can be successful in my upcoming A levels. It is a commitment to life and a desire to freely and passionately explore all opportunities that I encounter which I hope to share with and learn from my peers.

Since commencing schools at Christ the King, I have received numerous commendations for class participation, school spirit, and charitable work in the college chapelcy. I have also been able to explore some of my personal interests such as helping people from underserved communities, religion, fashion, sports, music, swimming, and movies. I am currently the Charity Representative for my church and helped in raising funds for Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children and the Africa Appeal program. In year 12, I was Sports Captain and helped organize a mini-Olympics for my group in church which took place in summer 2011. For the past ten years, I have also been a member of the Trinidad and Tobago Youth Red Cross Society. As a member, I participated in vaccination campaigns for adults and received certificate training in providing emergency medical attention for persons with broken arms or wounds. At my church, I am a youth leader and help with organizing the youth program. I am also an active member of my church Christian Union and recently completed an introductory theological study entitled Alpha Course which helped deepen my knowledge of God. I also work in my local cancer research charity store. These entire allow me to gain things such as team work and problem solving which I can take over with me when studying engineering at your university.

I am currently studying graphics, information technology and philosophy .I hope to pursue a job in engineering upon completion of my studies at your university. The course which I do currently at A level will help me to become familiar with a verity of thing and bring with me to engineering .Such as graphics helping me to think abstractly, to come up with new graphical designs, how to work with various martial's, identifying the overall objective an how to complete it. Information Technology has helped me develop new computer skills allowing me to understand the depth of the things which a computer can do such a numeric equations which I can take with me to engineering this has also help me with my mathematical skills as I have learn many new calculations' and the meaning of new mathematical symbols' ,from philosophy I have gain the knowledge of understanding , working in groups and structure .In a lot of ways these things can be beneficial when combined together in the direction for me in the world of engineering and assists me in bring more of a verity to the course at your university .

Gaining admission into this course at your university will help me to develop more skills that will be valuable as I transition from the caterpillar to the liberated and beautiful butterfly in the world of engineering. I look forward to leaving the cocoon of academic obscurity and joining a prestigious, but not exclusive, group of engineering students at you university. It is my hope that the academic committee will support my application and allow me to take flight at you university in the upcoming academic year.

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