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"career in economics" - supplement, why Chicago?

Jayzee 3 / 12  
Dec 20, 2010   #1
Hello, it's my answer below in return to the question: why Chicago university?
This is not the final essay, I have written it but I am not able to proceed than this. Please help me in continuing it. Also suggest me on the part that I've already written

Learning more about William Rainey Harper, when he along with his colleagues pulled a feverish all-nighter beforehand, unpacking and arranging desks and chairs for university's first class in the newly constructed Cobb Hall. That very sense of devotion befell in my mind, pushing me to explore more about the institution which is blessed with such dedicated people.

Looking forward toward a particular learning, economics has engaged me into itself since 9th grade and no way might I not choose to pursue a career in economics. Learning more about economics and its influence on the world, I first came aware of the impact university has had on the landscape of world economics when I picked up the book 'Capitalism and Freedom' by Milton Friedman. It was my first attempt into the literature of economics beyond my course book. The desire to study at University of Chicago originated from the desire to become a part of a community which could act as the best possible platform for success, above all, when great professors including Milton Friedman are a part of it. Not only will I be able to pursue my passion in the field of economics with world class proven professors but I will also be able to gain ground in all aspects of learning.

Parallel to my wishes, I have always been interested in learning from lives of great men and their influence on the world, my intense energy to grasp their lessons of lives has always encouraged me to study at an institution from where they have studied or where they have taught. Great men including William Rainey Harper, Milton Friedman and John Hope Franklin who have been a part of University of Chicago and have made notable changes in the community, drives me also to pursue my career at such an institution where I'd not only be able to contribute but also be able to satisfy my desire to becoming a part of the institution which is led by successful people so that I can follow their path. From watching the Milton Friedman television series "Free to choose" I have seen that the school has also fostered those who are willing to act upon the conviction of their opinions based upon their own research and not be afraid to face criticism and it is this long line of proud past and present and alumni that I would feel honored to be allowed to join such a dedicated community.

Other than my wishes, I personally desire to study at a place that is free from racism, sexism, and ageism; it's commitment towards ethics, excellence, personal and academic integrity and acting as responsible community makes it a perfect place for my present and my future. The type of community that is present at the university is the best of both worlds, not only is there the large campus whereby there is a sense of being in a calm and collected place of learning but there is also the significant added of advantage of being within an easy commute of the international financial power house that is the City of Chicago. It is this type of educational environment, a combination of both campus and city. Once a phrase by UPenn alumni when I asked him 'How good is university of Chicago' and he enthusiastically replied, 'University of Chicago is doing phenomenally great'.

helloworld1 3 / 12  
Dec 24, 2010   #2
Hey this is great! Detailed and succinct(:

Are you gonna do the optional chicago qns?
OP Jayzee 3 / 12  
Dec 25, 2010   #3
Hello, Yes, I might go for the optional essay also. I am done with my Why U chicago essay.
I am working on the extended essay, it's very hard to write though.
What about you? Can you evaluate my essay a little more briefly?
OP Jayzee 3 / 12  
Dec 25, 2010   #4
Here is the final draft

Please, tell me any additions or subtractions to make in the essay. And also comment. Thanks :)
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,334 129  
Dec 31, 2010   #5
'Capitalism and Freedom' by Milton Friedman.

This is just name-dropping. If you mention the book, you have to have a reason for mentioning it. What is the significance of that book in the context of your aspiration that drives you to apply to this school?

When I think of Friedman, I think of his 1970 article that has been used by many unethical businesspeople to justify shirking social responsibility. You can google this for something interesting:

Rethinking the Social Responsibility of Business - Reason Magazine

great men and their influence---I think it's a mistake to let the essay reveal a chauvinistic way of thinking. Chauvinistic language is not good!
OP Jayzee 3 / 12  
Jan 1, 2011   #6
Hey, Kevin thanks for commenting. Actually, Capitalism and Freedom is the book written about monetary policies in countries and it is truly related with economics which is, in fact my favorite subject. So when I discovered about University's alumni, I discovered about Milton Friedman and his work and he has made notable changes in Economics. So this is what drives me to apply to Chicago.

And please comment on the rest of the paragraphs, thanks :)

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