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Career goals essay (Office Administration course)

Mylie 1 / -  
Mar 27, 2010   #1
My lecturer ask me to write an essay about my career goals. This is for my assignment. I take Office Administration course. Can you help me to write my essay? Because I not really got in speaking english.

comet2000 10 / 48  
Mar 28, 2010   #2
something for you to think about when writing this essay, what are your career goals?, how are you going to obtain your career? for example, going to school and getting a degree and getting the job you want, how will your experience help you in the job you want?, how did you become interested in the career?.

once you have think about your career goals, the paper will be easy to write.
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,321 129  
Mar 28, 2010   #3
The thing to do is try writing an essay and let us help you to correct the mistakes.

One essay = one big idea. What is your big idea for your career? Can you explain it in a single sentence at the end of your first paragraph? That will be your thesis statement.

Get started!! :-D

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