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UC #1: Caring for my grandparents

Tsunamela 2 / 2  
Nov 30, 2008   #1
please help, i dont know if i really answered the prompt! thank you.

The biblical character, Samson, was a powerful figure; he possessed tremendous strength but it all came from his hair. This is a favorite story my grandmother read to me when I was a child. During those years, I spent my school recess playing in the sandbox by myself while others chased each other around the playground. But it did not bother me, because I had my grandmother. She taught me early morals. She reminded me to say thank you to the bus driver and to smile at every stranger. I never saw her as a stranger, until she came back from the Philippines.

It was in high school that I was introduced to reality. I was active in academics, clubs, and sports and I was determined to face anything life threw at me. But when my grand-parents came to live with us for an easier life, my life became harder. Upon greeting them at our doorstep, I saw a fragile 70-something pound lady; she was my grandmother. They struggled with the limits of old age; my grandfather with Alzheimer disease and my grandmother who constantly refused to eat. 'Who were they?' I wondered. Soon, my room had become their room. My seat at the dining-room table became their seat. The time my parents spent on me became their time. I remember feeling so frustrated, lying on the cot in my parent's room wishing my grandparents would leave. I wanted my bed back, I wanted my life back, and I wanted my grandparents back. Because caring for them at home proved difficult for my family, we sent them to a convalescent home nearby.

As teenagers spent their Friday nights at the movies, I spent mine caring for my grand-parents, feeding them and tending to their everyday needs. After sports practice, I would enter the convalescent only to be seen as an absolute stranger; my grand-parents could not remember me. Juggling many responsibilities was challenging, yet I continued to be the supportive grand-daughter they raised me to be. As a result, I gained a deep understanding for those in need along with the patience to serve them. This experience taught me humility, maturity, and discipline. I have also gained the skills to handle multiple tasks at once and look for vast opportunities to carry on my service in helping others. In a way, I was like Samson; I possessed strength and perseverance all due to my experience and an inner drive- yet it could never be cut. Although my grand-parents have passed away, the values they taught me have lived on. I try to smile at every person I see and as I get off the bus, I say thank you to the bus driver, while thanking my grand-parents as well.
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,321 129  
Dec 1, 2008   #2
She taught me morals at a young age.

As other teenagers spent their Friday nights at the movies,...

Very nice ending.


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