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Carleton College- Short Answers to teacher/career/book questions

iamesthere 4 / 15  
Jan 1, 2011   #1
They all have word limits.
Thanks for you help in advance!
1) Name a teacher had influenced you and describe why.
Ms. Sapozhnikov has allowed me to grow by encouraging me to never stop writing. She has inspired me to start a blog and write in it every single day. Now I write about anything and

2) What subjects most interest you & why?
I am most interested in subjects involving a hands on activity or project. I believe that I learn best when I am an active participant and am involved. I have found forensic science to be a very interesting subject, because not only do I learn of different techniques, but I also become the forensic scientist who analyzes fingerprints and compares if it can be matched to other fingerprints.

3) Do you have a tentative career plan? Please describe it.
My tentative career plan is to become an elementary school teacher. Since I have always loved teaching and being around children as a Guitar Instructor and a Camp Counselor, I hope to graduate college with a teaching license. However, if in college I discover a passion in a different field, I will be flexible in following after any undiscovered passions.

4) Why are you interested in Carleton & how did this interest develop?
There is something so unique and quite unlike any other small college, like Carleton. Carleton seems to attract students who each carry a free-spirited perspective on life. My interest developed as I read through many honest student reviews online.

5) From reading, children's or classic books, what particular books & authors have particularly impressed you and why?
Since I was in second grade, I have always loved reading the Junie B. Jones series by Barbara Park. The series were always so entertaining and enjoying to read, because of the witty sense of humor Junie B. Jones had. I was also able to relate to Junie B. Jones, since I love to explore and try new things just as she usually does in every one of her adventures.

marvi92 3 / 5  
Jan 1, 2011   #2
I think you did a good job answering these questions. These answers give a snapshot of what kind of person you are. So good job with that!

I don't really see any mistakes that I can put my finger on. Just read them over a couple of times to make sure you didnt miss anything

Good Luck!

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