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May 2, 2012   #1
On a separate sheet of paper, typed or legibly handwritten, tell us about what you hope to achieve through your college education, and what plans or goals you have for a career

Senator John Kerry said in a 2004 presidential debate that "Our college students represent only 20 percent of our population, but they are 100 percent of our future."

I totally agree with this sentence of the Senator John Kerry, college education is more than essential for our world today. With my college education I hope to achieve a great economic stability and security to me and my family. But in my opinion, obtaining a college degree is not just about making money. A good college education will also give me a broad base of knowledge on which to build. It will teach me to solve more of life's problems. It will give me future reference points for discussing whether art, entertainment, politics or history.

May last year the Brazilian government created a program called "Casa Para Todos", a very celebrated program by the population. Consisting of helping the underprivileged people to have access to adequate housing, the program is promoting the construction of more than twenty thousand homes in several Brazilian cities. So, my main goal to my career is to return to Brazil after my graduation and help this poor Brazilian population, giving them the opportunity to have good quality housing with an affordable price, without harming nature. Making a fairer country.

What should I change?

Thank you very much!!

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