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I get caught skipping school and in the middle of the pursuit

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Oct 23, 2009   #1
As a dedicated student, my life has revolved around the school. Back in Korea, I would stay in school studying for more than fourteen hours a day, spending more time with my friends and teachers than I did with my family. I wish I could proudly say that I never made my parents mad concerning stuff going around at school, but things were not always that perfect.

When I was in ninth grade, my school was implementing an individual studying session called "the extra studying session after school" from four to ten. During the studying session, students would go over the things that they learned that very day, and would ask their teachers about the things that they did not fully comprehend. Also, the time could be used wisely to finish homework or look at the materials the teachers would go over the next day.

Only fifteen years old, staying for another six hours seemed a bit too much for me. I was staying after school not necessarily to study but because the teachers and parents were forcing me to do so. Then, I found out that my peers were planning to leave the school building under the weak surveillance of the teacher in charge. Having heard their plan, I begged them to put me on their team. Fortunately enough, I was able to be a member of the so called "expedition".

The time of the great exodus came when the bell indicating the end of regular school period rung. At first, I was somewhat discouraged thinking that I could be in great trouble if I get caught skipping school. However, when my friends told me about their plan on going to the amusement park if our escape was successful, my mind was totally fixed on the idea of getting myself outside the school building.

After a few minutes, I discovered myself laughing as hard as I could with my friends after evading the teacher standing right in front of the school gate. We discussed about how brave we were and pitied those who were still at the school waiting for the school to finish at ten. Now, it was completely the time of us. We went to the amusement park nearby and enjoyed our free time. When I returned home, I acted as if I was tired from studying all day and my parents did not seem even a little bit suspicious.

Realizing how easy it was to trick my parents and the teachers, I was not afraid of running away from school again. What was different about this time was that we gained a few more members in our sneak team. Luckily, all of us could flee without getting caught-at least we thought. Our team was extremely proud of ourselves for doing what we thought was "brave". At that time, we were not afraid of anything.

However, everything was about to change in a matter of time. As we walked out the school gate, we soon learned that our chemistry teacher was coming back from his lunch period. Noticing that we were doing what we were not supposed to be doing, he started walking toward us. Befuddled and completely shocked, all of us started running in different directions. However, he was faster than me. I finally got caught in the middle of the pursuit. Next thing I could wish is that he does not tell my parents of the wrong that I have committed.

When I returned to school, I sat nervously waiting to be punished. Fortunately, the teacher only made me write a page of self-examination paper in which I had to write down what I did wrong and promise not to repeat it. Also, he lectured me on how he used to run away from school when he was young and finally realize that it was dumb to do so. It was somewhat interesting to hear about a teacher escaping from school when he was young. His fun but didactic story rendered me to reflect on my wrongdoings and admit that I was wrong.

I would assert that getting caught by a teacher during skipping school was certainly not the happiest experience of my life. However, it was a valuable experience that taught me that trying to fool your elders is never a smart move. Also, it has taught me that studying is not to benefit others but you. Now I have learned this, I try studying for myself and not to make my parents or teachers content. Looking back at this embarrassing memory makes me be grateful to the teacher who captured me because I would have repeatedly skipped school if it was not for him.
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Oct 23, 2009   #2
Also, it has taught me that studying is not to benefit others but you.

Your narrative is really quite engaging. You need to elaborate a bit more on this, though. The way you describe things at the moment, it seems as if what you actually learned is that you couldn't skip school without getting caught. Not wanting to be in trouble is not the same as deciding that you should study for your own benefit. So, you need to explain more clearly how you came to that conclusion.

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