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(change lives of others)UC Irvine nursing supplement personal statement.

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Nov 25, 2010   #1
Please provide information regarding your goals and plans for the future as it relates to the Program in Nursing Science and the Nursing profession. Please limit statement to 200-225 words.

The most inspiring experience for me in these a few years is taking care of my sick brother. In my first year of moving to the U.S., my brother was diagnosed with lymphoma. His first reaction to this terrible news was frustration and helplessness. Through taking care of him, I realized that looking after a cancer patient was never an easy task. I didn't only have to simply help him physically, but more importantly, encourage him to stay positive. For instance, losing hair after his chemo-treatment has really saddened my brother and irritated him. Therefore, treating him like a child, I had to be extremely patient and kept telling him jokes in order to ease his depression. I tried to let him see the side of life that was filled with hope. Because of my efforts, he gradually became more optimistic and attained a positive attitude in fighting his cancer. The whole experience helped me to come to the realization that nursing will exactly suit my compassion and innate desire to help other people. I want to become a registered nurse and dedicate myself in working with terminally ill patients. I hope to let them understand that having incurable diseases is not the end of the world; faith, hope and emotional concern from others will be their best medicines.

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