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What characteristics or perspectives do you possess that make you unique?

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Mar 24, 2013   #1
What characteristics or perspectives do you possess that make you unique? Please describe in detail (up to 500 words)

What makes me unique? Well, it's always hard to describe yourself, but I'll try. I can say that I'm perfectionist, if I do something, it will be good, because I hate to let something incomplete, and I won't lie, sometimes because of that I don't fit in work groups. But I always find a way to work with that and accept the differences and the other ideas. I guess it's not just because I'm perfectionist, but I'm also insecure and distrustful for that stuff. I never know if the other people are going to do a good work and it will be bad for me if they don't, since it's a group work. I can always look ahead, creating situations and solutions for them if necessary, so when it happens I will know how to fix. I am a dreamer and I guess it's very good because what is the world if not made of dreams? Another thing: I'm stubborn and obstinate. A lot. I'll always defend my ideas and have arguments for them, and I'll discuss until I win. If I want something, I won't give up! I will find a way to get it, don't matter the cost. I have an incredible thirst of knowledge, I love to learn new things, new cultures, new culinary, new idioms, whatever it is, I will love learn about it and if I want to learn something in the most times I won't pay for classes, I'll learn it by myself, at home, I think this makes me smarter and maybe I'll learn better by my own way than by the other's way. I always help people when they need; I constantly help my mom with my little sisters, and I love to give gifts or donations to poor kids when it's possible. Other interesting fact: I see problems as a challenge, it's never something to be mad and start crying and enter in deeply depression. No. A problem is something that need to be solved, if it's on your way is because life is testing you and will have worst things that you shall face. It's more like a test, so you need to solve the problems, face it like a challenge and be ready for the next. It also works when someone criticizes me, I just move on. I don't care about what people think about me, the important is what I think, so if I do something, I don't think what other people may think, I just do it. I'm very honest, because a lie will always be discovered, so it's better you tell the truth before than after you lie. I always want the best to the next, no matter what they maybe did to me, it's always bad wish the evil to others, so I try to avoid it. I'm very organized, especially with school stuff. I have a lot of to-do lists, they are on papers in my bedroom, they are in my cellphone, on my copybook, everywhere! This way I don't forget what I have to do and it's very helpful in a test's week. You are probably thinking: "but you just described yourself, why does this makes you unique?".Yeah, I described myself just the way I am, and no one in Earth may have the exactly personality as mine, so it makes me unique. Everyone is unique, maybe some people don't know that and some people seems to don't like it, because they try to be someone else. There's a quote that I like, that talks about it:

"We are all born originals - why is it so many of us die copies?" - Edward Young
So, why try to copy others? You are the way you are and you don't have to copy others. Just be yourself. All that everybody have in common is that everybody is unique, just like you. But on their own ways.

So, i tought it is a little confuse... what do you think? Please tell me if there's some concordance or gramatical error, because i'm Brazilian.
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Mar 24, 2013   #2
From my interpretation, your essay does not actually answer the question of how you are unique. This reads to me as more of a list of your traits and feelings about different things. Your one sentence toward the end referencing the original question does not resolve the issue. Personally, I think that your honesty about who you are hints more to me about your uniqueness than what is written here. So here are some of my thoughts:

-You could possibly take one or several of your traits and elaborate on how the way that you do it is different. Unique is defined as distinguishing, alone, separate, odd, distinct. One idea, of the top of my head, is..."I am a dreamer and not a lot of people are dreamers anymore" or " our society moves to fast for dreamers" See where I am going with this?? It is essential to tell the reader not only how you are different but put it into context for them as well-why is it different to be a dreamer.

-If you choose not to alter your approach to this essay, which I do recommend, I would most definitely take out all of the lines about not being able to work in groups -all the way to "I am a dreamer". It reads to me as a negative way to start off an essay.

-Correct punctuation calls for 2 spaces after periods.
- I do like the idea of including a quote but I am not sure that this one says what you want it to say? Maybe, if in the rewrite of this essay you are more focused on your uniqueness. If you are in love with this quote...Maybe you could start with it?? Maybe something like this:

Everyone is unique, maybe some people don't know that. There's a quote by Edward Young that I like: "We are all born originals - why is it so many of us die copies?" (please check a reference site or book for correct punctuation of a quote as I may not have it right here)

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