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Chemistry Competition; MIT - Situation didn't go as planned

JamesBarns 1 / -  
Dec 27, 2013   #1
Is this really that boring, i know it doesn't sound good, but i am stuck any ideas guys? Any help would be appreciated.

Tell us about the most significant challenge you've faced or something important that didn't go according to plan. How did you manage the situation? (*) (200-250 words)

"Don't be upset, you'll get a second chance" that's what my mom told me after I lost in the Chemistry Competition.

As a kid I always wanted to go to a private school, I felt like only a private school especially here in *****can offer me the opportunities I need to show who I really am and what I am capable of. I first got the chance of entering those schools, in the Chemistry Competition. I was very happy when I heard that the firs 3 places were going to receive 100% scholarship for ***** (a private school in my country). I thought this was my moment to make my dream come true. But even though only by 5 places, I lost, I couldn't get what I wanted. I was devastated by this loss; it felt like my whole dream seemed so impossible. But just like my mom said, I got a second chance, it was the Entrance Exam. This time I knew I had to give everything to get the dreamed scholarship. And yes thankfully I ended up in the first place, getting that scholarship, and today I am at ****** living the dream I had when I was a kid. This experience made me realize that failure is nothing but a step closer to success, that no matter what gets on my way, I must never give up, I must fight for what I want.
shadman19922 21 / 74 10  
Dec 27, 2013   #2
The "Lost once, won at the second time" theme is a bit generic, and the story you provided lacks detail. While it is commendable that you got accepted, this won't make you stand out in a pool of competitive applicants
dumi 1 / 6,927 1592  
Dec 29, 2013   #3
"Don't be upset, ...

Well... I think you need to redo this once again. Give more focus to the particular situation that didn't go as planned. This sounds more general. Ok, if it is this Chemistry Competition, tell them how you planned to win it and where it went wrong. You need to pick one particular situation where unexpected things happened. It does not have to be a failure always. This prompt is not about your failures.

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