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My Childhood Dream - the essay to convince that I would be an important participant of Global UGRAD

AHMEDosman 1 / -  
Nov 9, 2018   #1

My Childhood Dream

Since I was a child I have been dreaming of making a change to the world, I always wanted to do something significant, that could make living a more fascinating and compelling journey, But as a child I have never known how to do so, And that is maybe because I was just a child who wanted to spend his entire life playing video games, But now I'm changed and I'm an 18-year-old University student who wants to be a better physicist than Einstein himself , So now It's the perfect time and place to strive for my childhood dreams, Or that is at least what I thought when I first started studying at the Faculty of Science here in the City of Alexandria.

I was hugely disappointed by how things work here in my university, And for an instance I started to think that I need to get out of this place as soon as possible or that I will never be able to make my dreams come true, But sadly, my parent's financial situation makes it impossible for me to study abroad, fortunately that didn't actually make me sellout my childhood dreams but On the contrary It gave me the will to do whatever it takes to reach my goals, so, of course, I started to search for a scholarship, and I applied for one but I got rejected, I also decided to be always ahead of my college syllabus.

Recently I found the Global UGRAD and from what I have read it can help me achieve my goals, because having the chance to study topics like Relativity and Quantum Mechanics in the USA is something that could help me understand physics better, and then I can educate my colleagues here by using my knowledge in those two topics, because there are no professors who understand Relativity in my home University, And also I like to teach people more about physics and maybe participating in this program will make me able to give a free of charge course to the students here on Relativity, Also going to the USA might Give me the chance to gain some research experience in the theoretical field or the astronomical field which could help me start doing my own researches in the field.

being exposed to a totally new culture is a huge matter on its own, I always loved to know more about other cultures which made me an open-minded person, In the past when I used to play video games I had online friends from all over the world England, Australia, USA, Poland, Sweden, Germany and a lot more you just name it, Despite being it all kind of virtual it was very interesting to get to know more about the life of the people in all these different countries and also to know more about their culture, and because of that every time I go on a vacation to Hurghada with my family and find out that there are people from other foreign countries I try to get to know them more and make friends with, So it would be a great experience to have the chance to do the same thing In the USA.

What do you think about my essay?

Holt - / 7,546 2001  
Nov 10, 2018   #2
Ahmed, I find that the last 2 paragraphs of your essay can be revised to create a more relevant essay for this topic. As a potential Global Ugrad scholar, you clearly indicate that you are not planning on staying in the United States once the semester is over. That is a very good thing to mention in the essay. It highlights that all you are interested in is the learning experience in a social and academic setting, which you can take home with you and share with your classmates at your university. The fact you are explaining how your university lacks academic prowess, which you plan to correct upon your return through an exchange of information means that you are looking forward to improving the educational field in your country.

If you can, focus the interest regarding your gaming friends on Americans rather than an international field. You are trying to gain an American scholarship after all. Discuss how this online community has helped you develop an understanding of how young America functions, what their hopes and aspirations are in life and how you share those points of view. Depict how these interactions have helped to heighten your interest in America as a cultural melting pot, regardless of what the international community thinks of the country at the moment.

The first two paragraphs are out of place in this essay. You can replace those two paragraphs with a representation of your personal academic goals (as opposed to your university academic knowledge transfer goals) and your personal growth interests as additional reasons for your interest in becoming a Global UGrad scholar. The updated information presented in your essay should help you create a more interesting, relevant, and informative essay that will help you become a competitive candidate during the screening process.

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