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'The Chinese culture and Vietnamese Literature' - Stanford intellectual essay

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After thousand years, Vietnamese Literature has developed various mechanism and literary forms that distinguished from those of other cultures. One typical example is its unique idioms, which are drawn from wise experiences of the elders.

On my first days in high school, I was overwhelmed by an old but yet puzzling subject: Civics Education. Though it was supposed to be an easy subject about civil rights and duties, Civics bombarded us freshman with various hypothesis of historical philosophers: from the ancient Plato to the modern Karl Marx. For a 16 year-old kid like me, it was so overwhelming and confusing that the only way to get through the class was to learn every single words and commas in the book by heart.

However, given limited time and abilities, one does not simply remember a whole 400-page book. Learn-by-heart method carried me through the mid-term test and simple quizzes, but as the intimidating final was coming in weeks, I was desperately hopeless. When every chance seemed to be thin, I was pulled out of the dark by my old book of idioms.

I loved to collect idioms when I was a child, having no idea how beneficial they could be. I found the mean to decode the cryptic language of philosophy in rhymed sentences of idioms. It parallels perfectly every idea in simplest ways. "What feeds us defines us" - famous idea of materials define mental states by Karl Marx. While Engels needed pages to clarify the power of labor, idioms comprehend it in 3 sentences: "Hard-working made sweet rice", "Labor-made man is the seeds of life", "Labors elevated man from mere soil and ices". They are miraculous idioms.

From then, I found the key to unlock that treasure of philosophy. Eventually, in the final test, I answered all the questions in simple, reasonable expressions with ease. From idioms, I found the appealing side of philosophy, and even made my way into the school's philosophy contest. Sometimes, the best form to express something is the simplest.

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