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I choose Ritsumeikan University because... Can someone review an application essay?

Sep 7, 2016   #1
It is only towards the end of my high school years did I start to understand more about how globalization affects the world. I understand that from something as simple as the watch that I wear is the result of globalization; and through that, the want to see the bigger picture is the drive for me to Ritsumeikan University's Global Studies Major offered to international students.

First and foremost, global studies allows me to expand my knowledge on different countries around the world and the issues they are facing. I am interested to learn about different communities around the world particularly the issues of war in the middle-east and how politics, culture, and economics are affected.

In addition to my interest for studying Global studies, for me, Ritsumeikan University is the gateway to experience not just Japan, but many other countries through the diverse group of people that Ritsumeikan University accommodates. This will allow me to give and receive different inputs and I believe that from hearing different ideas is where the development of individuals comes from. It allows me to have a wider perspective on Japan and other countries around the world.

Lastly, I choose Ritsumeikan University because the program offers courses delivered in English, and as an international student who looks forward to work abroad and contribute to the international community, this opportunity will allow me to improve my English skills - verbally and written. As it is considered an international language, English is an important factor for an active role in my future career. Furthermore, this program offers "Intensive Japanese language learning" where I can expand my knowledge on Japan and the culture. Therefore, I feel that being offered something more than English is truly a rewarding experience.

Thus vindicated, I believe that Ritsumeikan University is the best choice for me to apply my potential as someone useful for the international community.
Sep 7, 2016   #2
very good writing
understand that from something as simple as ...
the drive for=> the motivation for me
knowledge onabout different countries

best wishes

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