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"Cidadăos do Mundo" Describing my participation in any significant project!

othonlima 3 / 4  
May 3, 2012   #1
On a separate sheet, typed or legibly handwritten, describe your participation in any significant project or endeavor

One of the most memorable activities I have been involved is the project that I am enrolled at the moment, it is the project "Cidadăos do Mundo". It consist in teach, at the moment 68 students, the English Language in Santana - AP. Santana is a very poor port city, where the English classes is only offered at school that you have to pay to study. So, the project came up to finish with it and give a great chance to the low-income population.

As a volunteer all I wanted to do was to share my knowledge with these people, however, after I realized that more than teach the students, I have learned so much with them.

In my first day at the project was their test day. So the teacher said to the students I was an American boy, from Texas, and then he said I would ask them some questions as a part of their test. Nobody suspected of my nationality and I had I lot of fun with the students after tell them the real history, they are really nice people. I really felt pleased in making part of the project, which open doors to dozens of people. Every day I am more excited about the project, because each one of them teaches me things that nowhere else in the world I would learn.

What should I change?

Thank youu
ana_p 27 / 81  
May 3, 2012   #2

I think, you can add more details like importance of project, how that was important for you and what you have learned there. You have explained that, it was excited, fun and learning experience but if you will explain this with some examples then it will help you to clear your ideas.

Hope this helps:)

All the best.


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