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'a class of three thousand' - what makes stanford a good place for you!

schmevie 6 / 17  
Dec 27, 2009   #1
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I come from an island with as many people as Stanford's freshman class. This island has been so nurturing and welcoming, that it would be heartbreaking to lose that feeling. I think Stanford offers not only top-notch education but a sense of community and a sense of belonging.

The transition into college will be huge for me. Not only will I be on my own but I will have to go from a class of sixty to a class of three thousand. On the island were like a big family and constantly lok out for each other. At Stanford I think students around the world will bring that same feeling of unity. Stanford is renowned in the field of computer science. I would love to be a part of a community of computer scientists that share and collaborate each others ideas.

Stanford's diversity is the true epitome of a melting pot. On the island diversity is scarce. I want to meet people from around the world, that I can interact with and work together with to solve any task we are confronted with. I want to meet people that are alike, and I also want to meet people that are completely different. I want to build relationships and networks with people in an environment that treats me as a member of a family.

Need help can you please look at my other ones I need lots o help!!!

EF_Kevin 8 / 13,335 129  
Dec 28, 2009   #2
In this essay, the first paragraph seems to end just before it finishes asserting a strong thesis statement. What will be the theme of this essay, the expression or example of the community you observe at Stanford.

Give your own excellent perspective on the community, and then use the rest of the essay to express specifically how that community is right for you.


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