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(no clear career goals yet) -BU What do you hope to accomplish as an Undergraduate?

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Jan 1, 2011   #1
Hi guys! The BU application deadline is on the 3rd, and I would really appreciate my supplemental essay to be looked over by you guys. Thanks in advance everyone! And Happy New Year. :)

Given what you know about BU what do you hope to accomplish as an undergraduate here? (Up to 500 words)

I feel it would be presumptuous for me, at the age of 17, to make a statement about what my accomplishments will be over the four years down the road, as I know my goals will be modified many times over. Unlike some of my fellow applicants for a seat at BU's freshmen class next year, I do not have clear career goals as of yet, only due to the plentitude of my interests.

Moving away from my family, where I have always felt supported and cared for, into an environment where I have to be independent and self-sufficient is a challenge. As a first step, I would be very content to make a successful transition into adulthood, fitting in, and finding happiness by building a community of new friends around me. Making my undergraduate years at BU the most exciting and memorable time of my life, would probably be my biggest accomplishment. It is exhilarating for me to learn how vast the opportunities at BU are, for me to take my time and explore all of my interests, find the suitable paths - or make my own - until I figure out what it is that I want to do later in my life. For now, I want to learn and acquire as much knowledge as I possibly can, to grow and become a well-rounded, educated citizen of the world.

I want to learn from the best, who are members of BU's distinguished faculty. I want to study Classics, Philosophy and Theology, Political Science and International Relations, Psychology and Biology until I can determine my future goals. I yearn for the honor of taking a class by Elie Wiesel to delve into our shared collective memory and into issues of human morality. I would also love to immerse myself into some of the many activities that are close to my heart. Being a Chamber singer built and sustained me, during my four years in high school. One of my goals would be to continue to sing in one of the many A Cappella groups or the Choral Society at BU, as are memberships in Ballroom Dance club, and various community service and political organizations. Boston University not only would provide me all of the above opportunities, but also facilitate an extraordinary experience through a multitude of Study Abroad programs. How could I decide which dream place to go? As a Sephardic Jew, would I choose to go to Madrid, not only to study my discipline and learn about Maimonides, but to trace back the footsteps of my forefathers who were expelled from Spain during the Inquisition? Would Istanbul be the right choice, where both my parents came from, or Israel where they made their home? Probably it would be the call from Sydney, Australia that I would answer, where I spent two weeks on my own, as a sixth-grade Student Ambassador.

The thought of doing all this in a vibrant, diverse, multicultural campus, in the midst of wonderful Boston, and the anticipation of the upcoming four-year-long journey is thrilling. Whatever I can fit into my undergraduate years at BU would be my accomplishment that would enrich my life forever. Only if I am given a chance!
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Jan 1, 2011   #2
I could see Woody Allen composing such an essay when he was 14: it has a dry humor beneath its surface (and not to mention your both Jews:). I think this is a very unique essay in the sense that you come forth and say that you do not have any future goals other than enjoying the first (technically) 2 years before you decide exactly what you would like to major in. It was a fine thought for you to mention BU's study abroad program and to mention a professor at the school.

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